The Curious Response of The Breonna Taylor Case

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In every immediate social media outlet, people and organizations are expressing outrage at the verdict of the months long investigation into the Breonna Taylor controversy.  If you aren’t yet aware of the story, here it is in two very different narratives presented to us by race baiting hustlers and then the official story from every corroborative account that is available thus far.  But what is more rousing is the post-verdict response and why facts are more important than feelings and why we cannot listen to pundits on either side till we can get the evidence.

She Was Just An Innocent Black Woman

This take on the story goes that one night, plain clothes officers barged in and targeted this black couple in Louisville, Kentucky claiming that they had a no-knock warrant to arrest the man in the residence.  They barged in and shot Breonna Taylor, who was sleeping in bed while her boyfriend defended himself from rouge officers looking for blood.  She was an EMT and her boyfriend has his Constitutional rights to be able to stand his ground and defend himself from corrupt law enforcement who simply was out to hunt black people and Breonna is just another casualty in the fight for justice.  So say her name!

Breonna For Real

The reality from the narrative that is spun by the media is clearly not as picturesque as we are led to believe.  First off, Breonna was not an EMT at the time of the shooting that got her caught in a crossfire and unfortunately she died from that exchange.  She also had a rental car with a dead body in it which led to the warrant that led the officers to her residence.  The officers knocked and announced themselves as police which corroborates with an independent witness account.  One officer breaches and enters after several attempts for compliance to open the door only to get shot by the boyfriend who flees leaving Breonna in the hallway which led the officers outside to fire into the apartment catching Breonna in the bulletstorm.  Investigations show that Breonna was involved in drug trafficking from her ex-boyfriend as phone records indicate he used her to peddle the money for the drugs she was helping push.  Again, not the saintly character we are being told should be venerated.  Every account and detail was brought to light by Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron in his press conference on Wednesday

Now for the Logic

The response from the Left has been typical.  Burn and loot and riot because they didn’t like the results.  One black woman’s social media post read, “This could have been me. Could have been my family. Could have been a woman of color you know and love. What does it mean when you say “Liberty and Justice for All”? Especially when it feels like “all” also includes “except”.  

The problem with this statement is simple.  No, lady.  This could not have been you.  You wouldn’t date a felon.  You wouldn’t let your ex use your home address that could trace back to you.  You wouldn’t get involved in drug peddling so therefore, you have no reason to worry.  If women of color are getting involved with such a crowd, this statement might ring true.  Yet with all the facts laid out by Cameron’s press conference, this could not be any more a series of unfortunate events brought out by a lack of responsibility on Breonna’s part.  Is that victim shaming?  No, it’s about recognizing personal responsibility and seeing the lack of it play out in the end which ultimately ended up in her tragic death.  Quite frankly, many are saying the boyfriend is the one that got her killed.  The understanding of responsibility plays a huge role in all of this and if you’re dating a criminal who as Dinesh D’Souza puts it, is trigger happy, might have been time to find a new boyfriend and look for more EMT work.  Other folks like Maj Toure believes that Breonna’s shooting is just another act of the state.  The Amazing Lucas follows suit and believes gun use is not something that should be used.  Yet they seem to offer nothing short of an officer’s death as the only viable response to imminent threat.  We see that in Jacob Blake’s case where all one needs is 70 yards and most violent occurrences with officers happen at close range and with a knife, which is what Blake was allegedly trying to grab.  The National Criminal Justice Reference Service issued a report saying “… most police are killed or seriously injured by guns or knife wounds…” shows that knives present a far more imminent threat than what Toure or Lucas would have us believe based on their content.  Again, the response have had a wide swath of people from holding the boyfriend responsible for her death to the officers who shot at the apartment.  We can know for certain, the media was definitely at fault for spinning this out of proportion and thus, everyone got it wrong.  Hence the necessity for waiting on the facts.

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