Emmy Gone Woke

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Perhaps not only when you get woke, you go broke, the stigma of wokeness never leaves you and considering the media entertainment industrial complex is the wokest it’s ever been, it is pretty interesting to watch the dumpster fire exceed atomic levels of toxicity.  In one sense, woke culture hates all that is nationalistic, and in terms of every element of our media, everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is misogynistic, everything is transphobic and on and on it goes.  Or at least that is what toxic feminist game blogger Anita Sarkeesian stated a few years back.  It seemed that everything seemed to follow suit.  Then Black Lives Matter (BLM) got involved and then Vegan ISIS, AKA: ANTIFA jumped into the mix as well and it seems that wokeness is the prevalent perspective of the vocal minority.  Shoving identity politics and trying force people to bend their knees is definitely the MO of the Left but then to see the moral grandstanding also come out of many Evangelical Church leaders is beyond disconcerting as well and they are aiming to go broke with their spinelessness as they also capitulate to the culture when the question arises, aren’t they supposed to be in the world and not of it?  Digression for sure but it is interesting how more and more of the culture seems to be impacting more and more of what they hate till these spaces become like the culture.  Meanwhile, plenty of us have had enough and it’s not like we expected anything new from our media icons, and award shows have definitely shown their hand as they continue to tow the line for Black Lives Matter.

But First, the Hypocrisy

If ever there was a hypocrite in mass media, you can’t go far without running into Jimmy Kimmel.  We all knew him from his days with Adam Carrola and “The Man Show” which was a show that showcased how dudes acted.  There were jokes, innuendos, and it was exactly everything that would trigger the Left today.  Those definitely were simpler days.  It also showcased Jimmy Kimmel in a plethora of impressions and costumes all depicting figures of the more melanated complexion.  From the impersonations of former Utah Jazz basketball star Karl Malone which he is best known for to dropping the n-word with the soft “a” and not the hard “r” as he quotes a Snoop Dogg song, Jimmy Kimmel might as well have joined the ranks of The View’s Joy Behar and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Of course the late night talk show host offered an anemic, tear filled apology which seems to be his latest schtick, crying often to show his more, effeminate, less manly side to be more in touch with the feminist crowds, which generally tends to be more left-leaning.  Isn’t it interesting though that he was at all cancelled.  Not that we are suggesting he should be cancelled in any sense because it is quite amazing that those on the right believe he should have his insanely trashy show because, that’s his right to host it, if ABC deems him valuable enough to do so.  Yet, he does this blackface or the likes of Joy Behar doing blackface and they are still on the air doing their gigs but if a conservative were to wear a sombrero, game over!  That person would be fired, income stream gone, doxxed, assaulted, and harmed while being called a sexist, racist, xenophobic misogynist.

Enter Anthony Anderson and the Emmys

What is even more astounding is quite literally they aren’t even hiding the wokeness anymore.  The Emmy award show was taped and aired over the weekend and well, it was pretaped which meant there were certain moments that had to be rehearsed in a very Zoom like fashion.  If you don’t know what happened, basically it’s like every other award show.  A bunch of Hollywood celebrities peacocking in their $35000 suits and shoes and dresses all patting themselves on the back in the most pathetic display of self-aggrandizing petulance coupled with wokeness so woke that the moral grandstanding and virtue signaling would be over the top.  It’s more channels for Hollywood to lecture everyone on how racist and sexist they are while many Americans really don’t care what Hollywood says much less care what TV show stars have to say considering the ratings of this past Emmy’s was terrible.  We’re talking 6.1 million views.  Not bad?  Last year was a whopping 6.9 million views, so not such a good look when you have ABC/Disney as the backer for this award show with $193.98 billion.

That’s not even half of it.  In one segment, Anthony Anderson of the show “Blackish” came out to join host Kimmel for what Anderson believed to be the blackest Emmy’s to date because, Black Lives Matter.  So upon entry, Anderson decides to go off script and basically rant about being black, BLM, and spite white people in his unrehearsed monologue.  The cringe level hit the 9000 power level mark and you can literally see Kimmel’s face contort from shock to dread to annoyance all rolled into a nice Brioni tuxedo.  But like any good white liberal, Kimmel claps and nods like the weak clown he is, following suit from his black “massah” clapping along like a trained seal looking for the rotted sardine of approval from Anderson, which he gets.  You can watch the display here.

Kimmel Actually Reflects the Growing Majority

The face of Kimmel is actually pretty priceless.  The annoyance and disgust was truly apparent as you see his face as Anderson goes off script to get his unrehearsed point across to the 6.1 million people watching.  The lectures are not being listened to.  People are ignoring the threats of Black Lives Matter.  Citizens are tired of the riots, the assaults, the accusations of being racist, and most of all, people are beginning to fight back and it is not pretty.  The face of Kimmel that night at the Emmys was reflective of what everyday Americans are feeling right now.  They are sick of the grandstanding, the lecturing, and the blatant mischaracterization of how Black Lives Matter has decided to be the new deity for Americans.  What we can be sure of is as BLM continues, as Anderson and everyone like him continue to push their racist narrative, you can be sure Trump has won 2020 as more and more people continue to note that if this is how Democrats are, if this is how the Left behaves, if this is how they act, they will lose.  Sad that this truth hasn’t dawned on them yet.

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