K-Pop and The Democrats?

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Strange to read. Understandably so but you all remember 2016 and the biggest mound of stupid the mainstream media, Democrat politicians, and Hollywood elitists all touted.  Golden Showergate and how Russia helped Trump win the election.  Then we the people all had a slew of just garbage nonsense about how Trump cheated the election with Russia’s help.  How Trump is Putin’s lap dog and that whatever Putin wants, Trump yelps and does it.  We all heard it.  The late night supposed to be funny talk shows from Samantha Bee to Stephan Colbert all fell in line and began parroting that same Russia talking point.  The most infamous one who continually spat that clown talk was MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow until it’s been confirmed after millions of taxpayer dollars and about two years that it was all a fabrication from the Democrats, all doctored up by Fusion GPS and Buzzfeed.  But what if we were to trace the line of money back into the Democrats throughout Trump’s first term?  Is it possible that there might just be an international influence to help the Democrat party?  

Follow the Trail

If in fact there is a means for the Democratic party to have the ability to funnel money from outside sources into their pockets, they thought up the best way to do it.  Race riots.  We all know that the organization known to all of us normies, the Marxist laden, lesbian run, black supremacist, anti-American, anti-white, anti-Asian, anti-Latino, anti-black fatherhood, Western values hating organization known as Black Lives Matter (BLM) is nothing more than a DNC slush fund.  We reported sometime ago that there is a link trail that our friend Candace Owens discovered which raised a lot of suspicions about how the DNC is being funded.

Mafia style Financing

The way it works is simple.  Make an organization that is willing to be the violent arm of your party.  Democrats have been doing this for decades if not the last century.  Back during the slavery era, the created the Ku Klux Klan which was the military arm of the Dixiecrats in the antebellum South.  Now, instead of the hoods, they just put on black face and loot the cities because a criminal was shot by police.  What comes in?  That Marxist organization Black Lives Matter stirring the pot the divide, subjugate, subvert, and dismantle peace.  Of course the gullible, overtly compassionate people who hear the chants of “Black lives matter!” will want to do what they can to help the cause.  They want to give their hard earned money because, “no justice, no peace!” and that “all lives don’t matter until black lives matter!”  So these people want to donate and give their money for the cause.  What do they do?  They go to Black Lives Matter website and donate which takes them to an Act Blue site.  Again, follow the links and you’re going to see that Act Blue lines the pockets of Democrat politicians.  Black Lives Matter is the slush fund and George Floyd was the recent fundraiser.

International Involvement

We are not suggesting that Black Lives Matter has connections and ties to anything shady on the international front, other than perhaps George Soros.  Nor are we alleging that BLM can twist the arm of foreign despots for money.  The statement that can be asserted is that because the organization name is marketed so well to hit the heartstrings of people, good people, but gullible people on the international front, that they can accept donations anywhere.

For instance, South Korean global k-pop boy band sensation BTS was noted to have donated $1000000 to BLM.  Again, trace the links and the BLM donation link traces back to the DNC.  Conspiracy?  Perhaps.  It is strange that a South Korean K-pop group would get involved with American politics.  The question is why?  Their fan base is enormous! The global scale of their fans both on the ground and online are a force to be reckoned with to be sure, in terms of numbers. It’s possible that fan pressure forced them to donate that money as we all know sometimes artists walk a fine line between popularity and their art. Especially how toxic k-pop fans and online fans known as “netizens” can be. The fans might have forced them as mobs generally tend to force people into submission and BTS’ office and website might have been mobbed with Leftist fans asking “Why haven’t the band supported BLM!?” The likelihood of that happening more realistic than one may think although we can’t necessarily confirm that.

There has yet to be any statements from the seven member group on their politics.  It is quite possible that the only fluent English speaking member RM might lean left but knowing that image is far more important than personal politics, his label Big Hit Entertainment may not want him speaking out about his personal political leanings.  South Korean entertainment companies rarely allow their artists a chance to speak and not a lot of Korean talk shows or Korean variety shows affords them the chance to speak on personal political leanings.  It is quite strange that the hottest global act drops a million dollars into the lap of the Democratic party.  All the while they are not a part of the American music industry as of yet. We all know the American music industry leans heavy to the Left and have yet accepted the boy band into their circles even with the release of their first full English single “Dynamite.”.  So the question remains: who is handling them and why are they helping influence American politics?

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