Coca-Cola Diversity Training Instructs Employees to “Be Less White”

Diversity training has become something we have all grown accustomed to in the workplace. Oftentimes, diversity training is a positive endeavor designed to bring people together. The Coca-Cola company, on the other hand, seems to feel that the goal of diversity training is to instruct employees to “be less white.”

In a since-deleted tweet employment lawyer, Harmeet K. Dhillon explains how this alleged diversity training is actually in and of itself “blatant racial discrimination.”

Her tweet included the images allegedly posted by an internal whistleblower. The post goes on to claim that Coca-Cola forced employees to complete this online diversity training. The objective of this training is said to get employees to “try to be less white”.

As you can see in the slides above, the goal of this training is to perpetuate the idea of white guilt on the employees of the Coca-Cola company.

They go on to insinuate that to be white means one is inherently oppressive, arrogant, defensive, and ignorant. Furthermore, they claim that when someone is white they couldn’t possibly be humble at the same time.

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The third slide brings to light the idea that by the age of 3 or 4, children somehow understand it is better to be white.

Karlyn then goes on to provide some further insight on her YouTube channel as to the background surrounding this training. She details the idea that much of what is discussed by the author of the training, Robin DiAngelo, is based upon her own perceptions and white guilt.

In case you wanted to look at the training class for yourself, it is readily available to the public on the LinkedIn social platform.

We can all come together and agree that the main focus today should be to bring people of all races and backgrounds together for the common good. It’s clear that not everyone feels this way as we are seeing diversity training like this one hijacked to push a political agenda that is doing nothing more than driving people apart.

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