Asians Tossed Aside and Shrugged Off

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“Here’s an example of how white privilege sounds. You keep saying ‘It’s horrible that an innocent black man was killed, but destroying property has to stop.’  Try saying, ‘It’s horrible that property is being destroyed, but killing innocent black men has to stop.’  You’re prioritizing the wrong part.”

Circulating around social media is the notion that people who are seeing looting and rioting as an unjustifiable response to the murder of George Floyd are misplaced in their priorities. Meanwhile, looters and rioters are entering businesses and running off with Jordans and TVs, leaving a wake of destruction in their path. Some have even murdered people in the process of looting their ill-gotten gains.

The Myth of White Privilege

Before we can truly come to grips with the reality of the dishonesty in discussions of race, we do have to address the nasty elephant in the room regarding the myth that is “white privilege.” White privilege is simply a black or brown person’s whip. They hand it to white people to self-flagellate in order to appease the original sin of whiteness.

Racialism is the new religion of the day, according to John McWhorter. The ridiculously racist idea here is that because one is white, they exude a privilege that affords them all the positives and none of the struggles that any non-white person goes through. Credit scores, income level, education variance, personality traits, personal gumption are all aspects that afford white people the highest positions socially, economically, culturally, educationally, politically, and historically. 

Asians: More than Just Black and White

Yet Larry Elder, Bible preacher Voddie Baucham, and Thomas Sowell, along with contemporaries like Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, and KingFace and the like all have proven that white privilege is, in fact, a gross racist Leftist produced myth rooted in Cultural Marxism. All of this has lead us down a twisted path culminating in these last few days of riots since the murder of George Floyd. In the search to dispel racism and assert that this myth of “white privilege” is in fact a real thing, the discussion has been clearly one-sided at best, dishonest at worst. 

In the wake of the riots and the looting, we are seeing more examples of racial collateral damage in the name of a search for equity. Over the course of these 10 days of protesting with rioting and looting intermingled, 79 Asian owned businesses across the US have been robbed, pillaged, looted, ransacked (pick your synonym), and burned down. Four Korean owned businesses have been burned down in Atlanta. On the West Coast, very prominent Vietnamese owned establishments have been looted and burnt to rubble. 

Most notably Christina Ha, the beloved blind chef who won Season 3 of Gordon Ramsay’s Masterchef series had her restaurant, The Blind Goat, also robbed and burned down. Yet, per that shared meme apparently, these immigrant Americans who poured their blood, sweat, tears, time, money, and prayers into creating these establishments need to shift their priorities. The crazy part here is white liberals and their minority counterparts all will stand upon the smoldering rubble of these Asian owned businesses, shrug smugly with a coy smile, and say, “Priorities.” 

It seems as though in the national dialectic regarding race relations, other minorities are drastically and egregiously ignored. If these 79 businesses owned by Asians are a statement that not everyone is welcome to the discussion table, these minorities who are drastically and egregiously ignored are the ones who will suffer the most. If America is so racist and the system is set up only to see white people succeed, then why is it that the richest sub racial group in America are, in fact, Asian Americans

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The Facts of The Matter on Asians

They are the highest median income earners compared to whites, blacks, Latinos, and other groups, yet nobody is enraged about Asian privilege. Then the argument posed is systemic racism is more than just income disparity. Yet the clearest data point to go on is income. The most successful earners reflected in that data are not white people as it is supposed to be set up for; clearly something is off in the argument.  

Another argument is to suggest that America has had a history of bringing in higher educated Asians. History revealed that was untrue, as Chinese immigrants were used as a labor force for the construction of the transcontinental railroads. Then in the 1940s, during World War 2, Asian Americans were placed in internment camps. Black people were still able to roam the streets during those times. 

Yet, fast forward and Asian Americans are where they are, a success story.  It’s a beautiful testament to the free market capitalist, Constitutional Republic, democracy based system America was founded on. It’s not like the Constitution was written in some proto-Korean alphabet that gives Asians a yellow leg up! Other facts should include the reality that black people in the 1920’s had Black Wall Street (which was destroyed by Dixiecrat racists). 

The first black politicians were also Republicans; they teamed up with the Emancipators of the North to help create the Republican party.  It is pretty sad to note that once black people, amidst all the lies they endured in the 1960s, have not been the shining examples of civility; they were very anti-Jewish in rhetoric and very anti-Asian. Often, they lashed out violently.

The sad reality is, race and division are all strategies of the Left, and when racism is addressed for all parties representing the melting pot that is the American experiment, white privilege goes out the window. Asians are not ignored as we see with those 79 burnt down Asian businesses, and that speaks as a macrocosm of the lack of awareness the Left has. Black people will be able to also have a seat and stand equally with everyone else, as they should in our nation.  

But You know… Priorities

Unfortunately, as we live in the realm of today where conversation is solely to glorify/amplify/elevate melanated voices, white people are demonized, and Asian Americans and other minorities become the fodder that is tossed aside. Think that’s a joke? See if you can stand there with a smile and look Christian Ha, the blind chef, in the face and tell her she needs to re-prioritize her perspective as her business, her beloved restaurant, is pillaged and burned to the ground.  

That’s the current expectation that Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and white liberal citizens along with their minority counterparts are all taking as their position.  Meanwhile, Asian immigrants and Asian Americans are standing there, with tears, amidst their broken livelihoods, asking, “What did I do?  I didn’t do anything to deserve this.”  

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