Wheels of Decorum

When Any Excuse is Valid

It is often correctly pointed out that only unpopular speech needs 1st Amendment protections, not popular speech. Even political correctness follows a route of separating words or phrases deemed hurtful, and seeks to remove them from common discourse. It may not ever be unanimous, but society, by and large, follows suit to keep civility within our public interactions. But what happens when the perceptions of a tragic event are almost universally agreed upon in everything except the racial component? Chaos has arisen in Minneapolis, MN, over the death of George Floyd this past Monday. Nearly everybody who has commented publicly on what took place agree that Mr. Floyd’s death was murder. 

Sadly, that is where any shared perceptions end. Growing sentiments being demonstrated in the streets seek to lay the heart of any motives violently at the foot of ‘systemic racism’ found within our law enforcement. That we overwhelmingly agree what took place on video was murder, and all officers who were present Monday should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, it seems to matter little. Are the wheels of decorum fully coming off? Bob & Eric welcome back ‘Rampage’ to the show. Find out what they have to say about what is going on, and more importantly, what can be done moving forward. 


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Tom Acheson
Tom Acheson
Tom Acheson is a writer for NRN. He was raised in Oregon and is a passionate Miami Dolphins fan. Acheson loves to make people think.