Why Didn’t Bernie Take Off His Gloves?

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Is He Really Non-Establishment?

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These are pertinent questions to ask. It appears deja vu may be taking place. In the 2016 election, supporters were appalled when Sanders told the crowd, during his debate with Hillary, he was tired of all the talk about her e-mails. Really? Her biggest weakness and he doesn’t want to talk about it? Wow! What a gift to Hillary! He refused to do it then, but why didn’t Bernie take off his gloves and attack Biden this go around?

At the time, it was clear that Clinton was guilty of keeping classified information on a private server. She committed obstruction of justice by deleting 33,000 of her emails. Clinton did this after she was subpoenaed. She also took a hammer to her cell phones, blackberries, and any other devices before wiping her system clean with a bleach bit program. Why didn’t Bernie want to talk about that? Why would a person, who seemingly wants to become President of the United States so badly, ignore such a smoking gun?

Future Proves Past

To understand, we need to fast forward to 2020, and the Democratic primaries. This time Bernie’s biggest opponent is former Vice President Joe Biden (D). Throughout the primaries, most of the candidates took it easy on Biden. The exceptions were a Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and the Rep. Julian Castro (D-TX). While the debates droned on and on, it ultimately came down to Biden and Sanders. They were fighting it out to obtain the necessary delegates needed to secure the nomination. Sanders jumped out ahead with an early lead, but the Democratic establishment was terrified of Bernie facing Trump. They began to go after Bernie using the same tactics they did in 2016. Yet, the question is why didn’t Bernie take off his gloves against Biden and the establishment.

The DNC Stuck Their Nose in Once Again

CNN did what they were told by the DNC. The news shows started putting Bernie in a negative light. At one point Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) labeled Bernie a sexist by claiming he told her he didn’t think a woman would be able to win the Presidency. During a CNN held debate, the host asked Bernie if this was true.

Sanders immediately denied the accusation, but the next question they asked Warren was, “How did it feel when Mr. Sanders told you that?” This question to Warren implied Bernie actually had made the comment to Warren. The panel at CNN were judge, jury, and executioners of the disagreement. They allowed the audience no basis for critical thinking. It was assumed Warren was telling the truth and Bernie was lying. Sanders rolled his eyes in disgust, but no attack. He knew what had just transpired and there was an audible moan by the audience. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hGvXFHQNhw&t=42s

Super Tuesday saw Biden start to pick up momentum, which carried him to a huge win in South Carolina. At that point, it became clear the establishment began working on the other candidates still in the race to drop out and support Biden. When the Coronavirus hit, Sanders dropped out of the race and put his support behind Biden. The momentum had always been and still was high for Bernie.

So why didn’t Sanders decide to go after Joe for such things as the potential corruption in Ukraine or the billion dollar deal his son made with the Chinese government? He could have brought up Biden’s support of the Iraq War or how he kicked 5.1 million people out of their homes during the 2008 financial crisis, giving billions to the banks instead. Yet, he did not raise any of these issues. So, why didn’t Bernie take off his gloves?

Biden is Bad and Everyone Knows it

Time and time again, Sanders refused to point out obvious facts. The most glaring is Joe Biden can’t finish a sentence without relying on his cue cards, and often has difficulty doing even that. People on the left are painfully aware that Biden is in mental decline. The proof is in the constant gaffs used to endear people to him and now only scares them. They know there is no way Joe will be able to compete with Trump in a one on one debate. Bernie does too. Worst of all, Bernie could have brought up the extremely credible accusations by Tara Reade. She claims Biden not only sexually assault her, but he raped her by digital penetration in 1993 when she was working for him as a senate staffer.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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These blatant facts, and serious charges, should put Biden in a position of having to defend himself publicly. What do the American voters get…nothing but silence from Bernie. Instead of debate from Sanders, his supporters got a concession to Biden. Bernie accepted his defeat saying, “Joe is a good guy.” When asked if he thought Biden could beat Trump, his reply, “Yes.” Sanders’ supporters are once again furious at the way the Democratic establishment, and the compliant media, did everything they could to make sure Bernie never got the nomination. This leaves the Democrats with a big problem.

Supporters Will Take Their Gloves Off As They Defy Again

Back in 2016, a large chunk of Bernie supporters refused to support Hillary Clinton. They showed their disgust by voting for Jill Stein. Some even voted for Trump to be spiteful. The possible number of people who voted for Trump could be as high as 15%. This time around, that percentage could be even higher. Now they have the same problem, only worse. This time the Bernie gang are pissed and swear they will never support Biden. They know he is just a puppet for the Democratic establishment. Again, many are saying they will support Donald Trump or simply stay home, rather than support Joe Biden.

It is also possible that many Bernie supporters are starting to see him as no more than a puppet himself, as he has also allowed himself to be manipulated and used by the establishment. He also failed to truly debate with any of his opponents. If Sanders had won the nomination, most of the Biden supporters would have supported Bernie. Unfortunately for the Democrats, the reverse is not true. Now in panic mode, they know they are going to lose the 2020 election with candidate Biden.

The DNC have just about assured a re-election win for Donald Trump in 2020. They have also been,’missing in action’, with regards to governing, as they have squandered the last four years with endless investigations and a meaningless impeachment.

Biden: Moderate by Comparison?

The question of why Bernie Sanders wasn’t willing to go the distance is obvious. He is clearly no more than an extension of the DNC. One perhaps meant to make Biden appear moderate by comparison. He is a party guy who is not willing to tear down the house to lead his revolution. This, however, leaves millions of disappointed supporters in his wake. This will be the end of the line for Bernie. Due to his age, he will never again have the opportunity to run for the highest office in the land. His fans will no doubt continue to respect him, though, as he fades away into the history books.

Tom Roberts
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