CNN Removes Explosive Video Evidence in Biden Sexual Assault Case

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Larry King Live Episode on Aug 11, 1993 Removed

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New evidence supporting Tara Reade’s story about her sexual assault encounter with Joe Biden came to light Friday night, April 24, 2020. Reade had previously said several of her friends and family members had been told by her of the incident. Reade told The Intercept her mother had placed a call into Larry King Live about her claim. The evidence is a recording of a call placed into Larry King Live in August 1993. CNN has now removed that explosive video evidence. 

The caller is identified as living in San Luis Obispo County, CA where Reade’s mother lived at the time. The clip was posted to several different Twitter feeds of news organizations with a warning that identification of the caller hadn’t been made. When shown a copy of the video, Reade identified her mother’s voice to The Daily Caller and Holly Otterbein of Politico.

Reade’s claim was that in 1993, then Senator Biden pushed her up against a wall, kissed her, and penetrated her with his fingers under her skirt. Biden and his campaign have denied the accusations. This new evidence is one more confirmation that Reade had told her story after leaving her position in Biden’s office.

CNN Caught Hiding Evidence?

The story gets further complicated because it wasn’t a story broke by CNN who owns the Larry King Live footage. The Biden /Reade story is a national story with presidential election implications. Any news organization who holds this footage would best serve themselves and their views by breaking the story. 

Additionally, the show in question aired on August 11, 1993. It was reported on Twitter that the episode has been removed from the Google Play store and is not able to be viewed. The episodes have been renumbered. In 1993, Larry King Live ran Monday through Friday. August 11 fell on a Wednesday, so there should have been an episode of Larry King Live broadcast on that date. NRN can confirm that, at the time of the writing of this article, no episode for August 11, 1993 is available on Google Play.

Yesterday AT&T, the parent company of CNN, had its CEO step down. Whomever is to take over should be immediately asked if this type of journalistic behavior is to be continued at CNN.

M.T. Arthur
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