Bernie Sanders has Again Failed his Conquest

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The Bern has Bern’d for the Last Time

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After one failed attempt in 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has again failed. Breitbart reports that Sanders spent $160 million on the campaign. Indeed, the Socialist Senator had the deck stacked against him as the DNC backed their man. Indeed, this is good news for the right. President Donald Trump, mark my words, will destroy Sleepy Joe, former Vice President Joe Biden (D-DE).

At the age of 78, this would be Sanders final attempt. Definitely, the childhood dream for the Democratic Socialist will not be coming true. Like Hillary Clinton, so many attempts, yet all to no avail. Further good news for the right is the expectation for some of Bernie supporters to lean Trump’s direction. Keep America Great 2020 indeed looks good.

Sanders, arguably, had the support of many. Though, the argument could be said the lack of support from the DNC was his downfall. Naturally, a crooked system, supported an equally nefarious guy for leader. The DNC will announce Biden as their nominee soon. Now that Sanders has again failed, we focus on a truly sad story. A broken, senile token nominee versus the sound and based President Trump.

Bernie’s Downfall

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is, in my opinion, the most significant reason for this episode of Sanders’ failure. At one point, Sanders had substantial momentum. However, Warren and the DNC’s increasing support of Biden destroyed the Bern. So, it was no surprise to find out the morning of APril 8, 2020 that Senator Sanders officially dropped out. The only known threat to possibly defeat Trump is now gone.

If Warren had dropped out earlier, along with Pete Buttigieg, for example, Bernie may well still be in this. What Warren did was to take away many vital Progressives from whose support Sanders greatly benefited. Yes, the way everything unraveled did not help Sanders. Yet, he still stuck with his campaign as long as he could. However, much like his first go-around, Sanders was unsuccessful.

Bernie knew at a point earlier this week he had no chance. This was as he was trailing Biden by about 300 electoral delegates. Not to mention, the DNC seems firmly behind Biden as their guy. Indeed, President Trump would have stood a harder fare against Sanders. Now, however, the DNC almost appears to have a fetish for embarrassing Biden.

The DNC Sure to Announce Biden Soon

There are few routes the Democrats can take. Expect Biden to be leading the liberal charge. Yes, soon, we can all expect the announcement to chime over the airwaves. I mean, the DNC, treats Biden like he is their damaged electoral goods grandpa. He was hoisted on a pedestal, and I feel that the foundation will fall. This is the only chance for a surprise twist to enter into play. The question then is who would that person be.

The focus now, however, is on Biden. He is a party hack who has proven time and again he will go lockstep in the direction the DNC pushes him to go. As his political career of mediocrity comes to its pinnacle, I do not see any success in his quest to defeat Trump. Ultimately, his love for big oil and credit card companies will destroy him. Allegations of sexual misconduct and some odd, rants we will call them, have hurt him. Considerably, this left puppet faces sure destruction on the debate stage.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Joe Biden’s pals in the right-to-life crowd prove him a hypocrite. Furthermore, his plan for America’s prisons is egregious. Yet, no one has hurt prisoner reform more than Biden. Similarly, Biden is the opposite of what the DNC claims to be. Add to the mix, the Hunter Biden saga, and you have some polarizing baggage. Not to mention, to this day, still no Obama endorsement.

Can He Beat Trump?

Continually, we see Keep America Great rallies in mass-packed venues. As for Biden, they resemble family get-togethers on the 4th of July. Whether it be his moniker Sleepy Joe or Dementia Joe, Biden on the surface is struggling. Though, one can expect him to have the dollar bills pumped in his old veins. The only way he will stand a chance against Trump is with the all mighty dollar. Something Biden so dearly loves.

The Democrats will indeed rely on the stocks. The recession will be their focal point. Even though, for this, Trump directly in no way, shape, or form can be blamed. Trump’s performance in Ohio, Maine, and Arizona will also be telling as to what will happen. Moreover, Trump must ensure he retains North Carolina and does well in Colorado. Although, nothing is saying Trump needs to go easy on the senile token candidate.

Focus in on Hunter Biden, and his dad’s love of foreign oil money. If he tries to hit him with running cuts on social security, hit him back with future reductions to entitlements. Lastly, President Trump has a mass African-American following. Want to get more? Pipe the sound of the Strom Thurmond eulogy in one of his mass-packed arenas.

As it stands now, no, I do not believe Biden will beat Trump. However, do not take the former Vice President lightly. While Biden likely cannot even tie his shoes, understand the DNC will do whatever it takes to beat Trump. Ultimately, Trump needs to secure and focus on some key demographics. Furthermore, he needs to build a base in some swing states. Lastly, he needs to get some independents and Bernie voters.

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