Breaking: Bernie Sanders Suspends 2020 Campaign

The Flame Has “Berned” Out

Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT) officially suspended his 2020 campaign today. After losing significant momentum, Sanders officially withdrew from the Democratic race for president. The Senator from Vermont announced the news to his staffers this morning. Indeed, the news is coming in rapidly. Seemingly, this would put former Vice President Joe Biden (D-DE) as the presumptive nominee.

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Sen Sanders does not see a path to a nomination victory as he currently stood 300 delegates behind Biden. “The path toward victory is virtually impossible,” said Sanders in an official statement. Moreover, Sanders would wish Joe Biden the best of luck and put his support behind him. Biden tweeted a thank you to the Democratic Socialist.

Now that Sanders has suspended his 2020 campaign, it appears the DNC game-plan comes to a victory lap with Joe Biden. He is the presumptive nominee and has been the party’s token candidate. The Democratic Party is likely to announce Biden as their candidate. This would mean the race to the White House begins now. Although, how will Biden fare against President Trump? On that victory lap, the Democrats may well hit a wall.

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