Four Patriotic Cocktails to Enjoy This Summer

COVID-19 Blues Got You Down?

Summer, a time for fun and excitement, is just around the corner. Nothing is better than fireworks in July, and who doesn’t enjoy a barbecue? Winter is a time of isolation, because it is so bloody cold. With COVID-19 mirroring sentiments of winter, a legitimate lockdown, we look forward to summer as a time to be outdoors. Perhaps this is why everyone looks forward to it, and why to many summer is the best time of year.

Spirits are dampened due to covid 19, as there are still many questions on what’s to come. This virus is nothing to screw around with; ironically, neither is vodka. So let’s just take a moment to get excited about summer, as things will return to normal. Whether it is a gathering of two or one hundred by July, try these four cocktails. Start summer on a high note, and eliminate all depression associated with COVID-19.

The Red, White and Blue Layered Cocktail

Red White and Blue Frozen Layered Cocktail | Recipe | Frozen ...
Courtesy of: Creative Ramblings

With a make time of five minutes, this cocktail is a quick and cheap buzz. It is a beautifully done representation of the flag and mighty tasty. This beverage has only 22 grams of sugar, so it is quite calorie savvy for those on a diet. Moreover, this one is easy to sling together, with just three simple instructions.

Once blue curacao and lemonade meet, citrus will make taste buds tickle. The sweet cuts the bitterness with the addition of grenadine, but make sure you chill this beverage. Ultimately, the result is a lovely cocktail, once mixed with vodka.

Red, White and Blue Chocolate Martini

Patriotic Cocktails: Red White and Blue Chocolate Martini Recipe
Courtesy of The Rebel Chick

Patron Café xo Chocolate Martinis are one of my favorite beverages, and this is a beautiful classic rendition. If home cocktailers possess mixology skills, an eye-catching drink waits to delight the palate. Chocolate richness and a premium vodka make for a sweet treat. With just one martini, it soothes two senses.

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It is pricier by comparison to the layered cocktail, but well worth it to this writer. A drink of this finesse and price wouldn’t be a standard barbecue cocktail. Maybe this one should be saved for a particular event or get together. Nonetheless, be sure not to drink too many wherever you choose to enjoy it.

Berry Patriotic

Courtesy of: A Year of Cocktails

On this list a frozen cocktail should be represented, particularly with warm summer days ahead. Bad news is it is not cheap to make. All three layers of slush are to be made separately, still it is well worth it for a nice buzz.

It is a masterful blend of citrus, peach, grenadine sugar, berry vodka, and bitter/sweet subtleties. Add in the dynamic of a slushy and Berry Patriotic becomes a must drink now freeze-fest. This cocktail is one I’ve tried personally, and I assure you it is an eight out of ten.

Patrotic Sangria

patriotic red white and blue sangria
Courtesy of: Lively Table

Make it in a batch and enjoy it all day long; or as Kid Rock would say, “all summer long.” Any variation of a Sangria remains a top seller in any restaurant or bar. With a ten-minute make for this recipe, it is a longer wait, but it is batched for six guests.

Guests can also BYOB, and any host could just go ahead and drink all six servings, no judgments. It is a decorative garnish fest; the possibilities are endless. Cut stars out of pineapple slices, or throw in 50 grapes and 13 pieces of licorice. Photobomb a MAGA hat next to it, filter it, and make any squad jealous. Whatever a cocktailer does, this drink is party pretty.  

Enjoy All Summer Has to Offer

These options may not be for everyone; in that case, nothing goes better on a hot day than Miller Genuine Draft. Maybe you like a classic Whiskey Sour? As a bourbon enthusiast, Knob Creek and Maker’s Mark hands down are top on any bourbon lovers list. Basil Hayden may have something to say about this comment, however. No offense Basil!

Any of these bourbons are sweet and smoky, and therefore delicious, of course. Or enjoy Jack Daniel’s straight from a bottle, and be the highlight of any gala, like my Aunt Miriam. Just know when to call it a night, unlike Aunt Miriam.

Enjoy all four if the occasion calls for it, but make sure nobody drinks and drives. Don’t be stupid! Call an Uber, assign a designated driver, or get a Lyft (if that is still a thing); just do not drive. Besides your life, do not get a charge, because it is not worth it. Drink responsibly, and above all else, have a great time. Hopefully, all hosts and guests have awesome and fulfilling summers. Until next time, shalom my friends.

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