Social Distancing stops the Stones from Rolling

Rolling Stones Gather Moss

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The Rolling Stones announced their 25th tour of the United States before this routine altering pandemic hysteria set upon the globe as an international joy killer. Because of the new rules and health guidelines established to enact social distancing among people in public, traditional stadium rock concerts immediately became forbidden.

As a result of the 2003 SARS disruption, tour insurance underwriters would no longer cover this in tour insurance policies. So, any artist or band that cancels its 2020 tour dates would be libel for the cancellation and unable to claim aggrieved income status. However by postponing tour dates into 2021, said artist or band avoids any cancellation fees or charges. Brilliant!

The Rolling Stones flew to Toronto in the middle of their 2003 European 40 Licks Tour to perform a special on-off concert in aid of the Ontario capital impacted by SARS. I actually attended this fantastic concert on July 30, 2003, along with 450,000 other Rolling Stones fans in Canada.

Rolling Stones Gather Cash

Well, what can a rich gent do? ‘Cept to sing for a rock and roll band? Not anymore! Sir Michael Phillip Jagger, ever the state-of-the-art entrepreneur, developed several shrewd schemes in order to hold onto the ticket money spent on 2020 tour tickets while that money earns interest in escrow, all the while giving something back to the global legion of Rolling Stones fans.

To Postpone Or To Cancel: this is the multi-million dollar question! Rolling Stones fans were left in a quandary over the prospects of a 2020 North American Tour in jeopardy. Finally, the Stones decided to postpone their concert dates into 2021. Only the Austin date required a change of venue.

Got Live If You Want it

News leaked that Mick Jagger was rehearsing in isolation. Then it was announced that the Rolling Stones would appear on the At Home concert on television. Well, Keith Richards was in Connecticut and the other three Stones were in England. How was this gonna go down live?

Jagger performed his solo vocal and acoustic guitar run through first. The other three Rolling Stones then each individually recorded their contributions playing along to Mick’s guide performance. Crafty but functional and the gents pulled it off. Drummer Charlie Watts gave a humorous performance miming air drums for his visual portion. Quite cunning and cool!

Their choice of title was the curious “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” on the One World: Together At Home broadcast. The Rolling Stones ‘Got Live – Yes We Want It!’ was a bonus bone tossed to the fans who were left holding open-ended concert tickets with no new date in sight!

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Living In A Ghost Town

A second Fan Bonus: New Rolling Stones Music!

The Stones released “Living In A Ghost Town” as their first new single since 2012. Accompanying the new single was Living In A Ghost Town merchandise to cash in on the new reggae single. The Stones have been rumored to be working on a new studio album for at least a decade now! Although this track was in production prior to the pandemic, it certainly appears to be tailor-made for the current global disruption.

Rolling Stones Extra Licks

Next new trick: the Rolling Stones announced Extra Licks presenting a series of live archived material on Sundays appearing on YouTube over a six week schedule. And tada! An Extra Licks merchandise campaign was launched to cash in on the showcase of repackaged live performances.

The Rolling Stones recycled live performance clips from the South American Ole Ole Ole Tour – February 2016; Havana, Cuba – Havana Moon Concert March 25, 2016; Los Angeles, CA – Sticky Fingers Concert May 20, 2015; Hyde Park, London – July 6, 2013; Brehmen, Germany – Bridges to Babylon Tour September 2, 1998; and East Rutherford, NJ – Voodoo Lounge Tour August 14, 1994, of which I was in the audience.

All of these live performance jams have been previously released. Now what would have been mightily cool is if the Stones had release live visual material from unreleased concerts. The Rolling Stones have a library catalog bursting with both unreleased live and studio material.

Multiple live Rolling Stones tours that are waiting to be mined include 1989, 1990, 1995, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012 and 2014. Rabid Stones fans are salivating in anticipation when more tour documents will be released by the band on Blu-Ray and DVD. Of course, issuing a retro live tour such as from the 1967 European Tour featuring the late Brian Jones would be an incredible artifact to enjoy on home theater.

Jagger’s Silent Serial Charade

Mick Jagger pulled a lark by recording a comical quarantine video in support of Save The Children where we find our protagonist puttering about his home in isolation performing mundane tasks as if it was an antiquated old cinema news serial from a by-gone era. Very clever.

Mick Jagger’s promoted solo performance on May 3rd during the iFor India charity telethon has not surfaced in any online searches. Jagger was scheduled to appear at the United We Stand concert at RFK Stadium in October 21, 2001, but ultimately became a no-show at that event.

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