Expressions of Worship Now Illegal?

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The coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic has given us some pretty stupid episodes that we saw play out from almost every corner of the culture.  Some states didn’t throw caution to the wind per se but they did open faster than other states.  Other states, you couldn’t garden but you could go and buy beer and weed and you’re fine.  Just remember not to go out onto the water with a motorboat, but you’re fine in a rowboat?  Still other states closed down beaches and skate parks to the point where some officials put sand to stop skateboarders from, skateboarding.  Massive amounts of infringement tactics continue to be in play as stores are enforcing the mask “recommendation” while other states and companies are a little less stringent with these regulations.  

In all this, we have also seen the ugliest form of the corruption of power encroaching upon citizens as well.  From the “Karens and Kens” that have become the snitches of the neighborhoods to even mayors and governors becoming little tyrants.  One such example is New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio literally saying he would come to churches and synagogues and fine them if they gathered for worship then close them if they continue.  Other places like the previously reported city in Mississippi where the mayor fined a church for meeting in drive-in fashion where people were in their cars listening to the sermon on radio as all social distancing recommendations were met.

New Form of Tyranny

So what do you get when a governor decides like the Pharaoh of Egypt where you can have one thing but can’t have the other?  It appears as though if ever there was a glaring reality to the clown move the Left has ever showed, it is definitely in the form of California governor Gavin Newsom.  The nephew of House speaker Nancy Pelosi declared on Friday, July 3rd that all California houses of worship are able to meet.  But as the saying goes, if it wasn’t for having double standards, the left wouldn’t ahve any standards at all. Like clockwork, Newsom’s deal comes with a caveat like any other Faustian bargain.  The caveat is, you can meet but you can’t sing because, coronavirus.

Direct Line to Lucifer?

For thousands of years, Christians from all denominations and all theological backgrounds have all sang as an expression of worship.  From house churches in China to the underground gatherings in the Islamic world to the mega churches in South Korea and the states, to the barrios of Sao Paolo to the open huts in the Serengeti to the revival tents of Great Britain, singing has been the primary expression of faith for Christians for generations. 

Yet here we are in 2020 and a small minded and discriminatory far-left governor who got his position out of nepotism is putting a halt on the main expression of the Christian faith whenever followers of Christ gather together to meet.  The atrocity of such a move shows the actual hand of this governor to be sure!  Is Gavin Newsom teaming up with Satan to stop Christians from doing what has been the tradition for thousands of years all because of the fear of spreading this virus?  One can only make the guess and one can neither confirm or deny that the governor has the through line to the demonic who desires to halt the worship expression of these Jesus followers.

Sing A Little Louder!

Passion City Church’s pastor Louie Giglio once said, “Worship is our weapon” stating that in all walks of life, whether you are experiencing the high tide of life and are riding the waves with joy or whether you are in the valley of the shadow of death experiencing attacks from all sides to the point of despair, worship is the weapon you wield.  Your expression of worship to God is your weapon you use to get out in battle for the peace of your soul.  No circumstances can get in the way when you use worship as your weapon.  

Giglio’s premise comes from a personal anecdote where he is currently battling deep bouts of depression and always concludes that once a wave comes in, he knows Whose he belongs to and he sings an anthem of faith to the God he serves.  If in fact this is true as Giglio believes it to be, Newsom’s push is an act of aggression against Christians.  Christians would call this an act of war even as Newsom seeks to disarm these Christians if they were to follow Giglio’s premise regarding worship expression and they believe it. 

It is interesting that many prominent pastors and faith leaders are seeing the rampant hypocrisy of such a move from the governor who allowed literally thousands to protest without masks or adhering to social distancing guidelines in light of the virus, but a gathering of 100 people singing is prohibited is not just hypocritical, it is stupid and some would argue, discriminatory.  Many are calling Christians to sing regardless, and these leaders would tell them to sing a little louder.  The hope is that these churches in California whether large or small, take a deep breath and make a joyful noise unto the Lord.  Sing a little louder California saints!

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