Former Staffer Accuses Biden of Sexual Assault

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How Isn’t This the Next #MeToo?

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Yesterday morning I was surfing on YouTube as I often do now that the corporate media has been reduced to a bunch of overpaid, misinformed, hate mongering idiots. I chose one of my favorite left wing sources Krystal Ball on her show called The Rising. Krystal is a Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT) supporting progressive and in no way a Trump supporter. Neither is she sympathetic to the right wing in any fashion. She was talking about an interview she saw by Katie Halper of a woman named Tara Reade who accuses Democratic Presidential frontrunner, Joe Biden of sexual assault.

Tara Reade: Biden’s #MeToo Accuser

Reade is a lifelong Democrat who worked as a staff assistant to then Sen Joe Biden (D-DE). Ms. Reade was one of eight women who accused Biden of inappropriate touching after congressional candidate Lucy Florez came forward with her story in April of 2019. Reade says there was more to her story, but after being accused of being a Russian agent and doxxed, she changed her mind.

She also claims to have reached out to the group Time’s Up Now, which is an organization dedicated to helping women share their stories following the #MeToo movement. As reported by Ryan Grim of the Interceptor, she was told to go away because they feared losing their non-profit status if they were to bring this up during a Presidential election. Add to this the fact the legal defense fund for Time’s Up Now is SKDKnickerbocker whose managing editor is Anita Dunn, who is also a top advisor to the Biden Presidential campaign.

Reade’s Sexual Assault Allegations Against Biden

Reade’s description of her allegations was emotional and difficult to hear. In the video, she claims at the direction of a superior she was told to deliver a gym bag to Biden and that he needed it right away. She said it sounded a little strange, but did as she was told. When she found Biden he was talking to a group of people, but when he saw her he left the group and approached her where they now were alone. According to Reade, he quickly pushed her up against the wall and before she knew what was happening and in one move, Biden reached his hand down her skirt and then up again, penetrating her with his fingers.

When she objected to Biden’s sexual assault against her, he became angry and told her, “Come on man, I thought you liked me.” Biden, seeing she was visibly upset, reassured her that she was ok. Reade goes on to describe how Biden started to retreat, but as he did, he looked at her and said, ”You’re nothing! You mean nothing to me!” Reade went on to explain the worst part of the incident was how his actions went against why she had long admired him. She had seen him as a fatherly figure and a champion of women’s rights. 

Media Blockade on This #MeToo

After hearing Reade’s shocking account of how Biden committed sexual assault against her, I immediately turned to the mainstream media to see how they were going to spin this story. Strange (or maybe not so strange) I couldn’t find a single station reporting this story. This even included Fox News, which especially surprised me because this is the kind of story Fox would normally jump on. The only explanation I can find for Fox, is they might not of wanted to be criticized for reporting a sex scandal in the middle of the COVID-19 humanitarian crisis we are now going through. 

I was less surprised with the rest of MSM. I knew they would circle the wagons to protect their presumed, Democratic candidate to try and defeat President Donald Trump. Instead, as they often do when Democrats are in trouble, they simply chose to completely omit the entire story. The Twitter crowd was quick to attack her as a political activist asking “Why Now?”  In reality, she has been desperately trying to reach out. No one was interested in telling her story, or even listening to it. Even Ball said she was reaching out to people she knew in the MSM to see if they were interested. Again there was zero interest Reade’s victimization at the hands of Biden.

But What if Reade Wasn’t Accusing Biden of Sexual Assault?

Now let’s imagine instead of it being Joe Biden, the accusations were being directed at a Republican. Even better, imagine if it was President Trump. The MSM would have no problem interrupting the Coronavirus coverage to run this story in every single news block of the day. 

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What happened to the young, hungry journalist eager to make a name for themselves by breaking a huge scandal like this one? Today’s journalists only care about towing the corporate line. If they do, they will most likely earn their own show and the million dollar payoff accompanying it. Those who dare to go a real journalist’s work are fired. Even at Fox News who placed Trish Regan “on hiatus” before separating with her for holding the Democrats and liberal media responsible for attempting to “destroy the president.” Not one of them has the guts to break the establishment chains they so willing drag around every day. It’s truly shameful. Thank God we have alternative news sources that don’t work for the man, and aren’t afraid to tell the truth. Journalistic integrity has gone the way of the payphone. You just don’t see em anymore.

What happened to Corey Booker and Kamala Harris? Both vilified Brett Kavanaugh and told Christine Blassey Ford that she was “heroic” for being brave enough to tell her story to the world? It was Hawaii senator Mazie Hirono (D) who cried out women making accusations “need to be believed.” The dangerous precedent that it’s up to the men to prove their innocent runs completely against our judicial system. Where is Gloria Allred offering to take Reade’s case pro-bono because she believes women? Where are all the social justice warriors who demanded multiple FBI investigations into Ford’s accusations?

Full Hypocrisy Despite Biden’s Touchy History

The level of hypocrisy being shown by the Democratic party on this issue goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen in Washington and that’s saying a mouth full. Who knows, maybe the Democrats when being accused of hypocrisy, will turn on Joe and throw him to the wolves the way they devour their own when forced to do the right thing. 

I’m not saying Reade is positively telling the truth, but I do know her accusations are much more likely to have occurred than Blassey Ford’s ever were. There is also corroborating reports of inappropriate touching and exposure from Biden’s former secret service detail. All I’m asking is for Reade to receive the same chance to tell her story as she would be if she were accusing a Republican of doing the same thing. It’s called equal justice under the law. We cannot have one system of justice for Democrats and another for Republicans. This woman has the right to tell her story and to have it reported honestly. Unfortunately that will never happen.

I’d like to leave you with this thought if I may. If you’re thinking this is good for Trump, don’t be so sure. In my opinion, if Biden wins the nomination, I believe Trump will easily beat him on his record and mental competence alone. If Democrats have time to find another nominee before the election, that person may be harder for Trump beat.

Tom Roberts
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