Joe is the New Hillary

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Sorry Joe Biden, This Won’t End Well for You

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Joe Biden’s last two presidential runs we’re a disaster. What makes him think this time will go any better? Now that he’s the “new Hillary,” his gaffes won’t be the only thing that will disqualify him; it’s over before it began.

Here’s how Joe Biden went from an average high school student to a presidential candidate screw-up. Biden was a good athlete in his youth. He also was a mediocre student, at best. He finished 76th in a class of 85 at law school and was 506 out of 608 in college. Biden stumbled into a Senate seat in 1973 winning by just 3,162 votes. He has worked in Washington DC ever since.

Biden ran for president in 1988 and again in 2008. Both campaigns were disasters. He was forced to leave the first one amid a plagiarism scandal. His second campaign ended after one caucus, the Iowa Caucus, when he got 1% of the vote.

Biden’s 2020 campaign, his third, is off to a better start. He is currently the Democrat frontrunner. After nearly five decades wandering the Washington DC wilderness, Joe Biden is still trying to find a path into the Oval Office. Sorry, Joe. It won’t end well

Please Stop Talking

As campaigners go, Biden is bad, really, really bad. His history of political gaffes and cringe worthy statements is legendary and well-documented. He once introduced Barack Obama as, “A man I’m proud to call my friend…Barack America!” Really?

In 2008, Biden told at Missouri State Senator Chuck Graham [to], “Stand up, Chuck, let ’em see you!” Graham is a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair. Graham smiled politely. Biden smiled back, he was in familiar territory. The crowd moaned.

At 76, Biden’s gift for unforced errors shows no sign of slowing. Asked to “Commit to cutting incarceration by 50%.” Biden stunned his own campaign when he replied, “We can do it more than that.” His campaign is still trying to explain that one.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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Nobody Likes Uncomfortable Flip Flops

In 2006, Biden was against “amnesty” for illegal aliens, immigrants had to learn English and he “proudly” voted for a border fence. Biden now supports citizenship for DREAMers and free healthcare for illegals. His border wall stance is unclear.  

Biden claims to be “middle of the road” on abortion, whatever that means. He once said Roe v. Wade went too far and even voted to allow states to overturn Roe. Now he has reversed his position and condemns efforts to overturn Roe. Biden describes himself as Catholic.

In 1986, Biden voted for an NRA backed bill they characterized as “the law that saved gun rights.” Biden’s support was key to its passage. Now Biden supports progressive, anti-2A (Second Amendment) gun control laws and claims “no amendment is absolute.” Yes, it is hard to keep up.

Everybody Needs a Hobby

During the 1991 confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Biden said privately he believed harassment accuser, Anita Hill, was lying. Now he says he regrets not providing Hill with, “the hearing she deserved.” #MeToo is not impressed.

In 1996, Biden voted for the Defense of Marriage Act barring federal recognition of same-sex marriages. In 2012, he flip-flopped on the issue and now goes further, saying transgender rights are the “civil rights issue of our time.” Older African-Americans might disagree.

Biden has not flip-flopped, however, on is his well-documented hobby, groping. Yes, “Creepy Joe” gets a bit handsy and likes smelling hair. Eww. If you find that humorous consider his latest victim’s feelings: “He made me feel uneasy, gross, and confused.”

Just Wrong

It’s never good when your opponent wants to run against you. President Trump said, “I hope it’s Biden,” and then added, “Biden was never very smart.” Incessant gaffing and flip-flopping may have prompted Trump’s comments. Or, maybe he was referring to Biden’s economic policies.

Trump’s soaring economy is the president’s biggest weapon in his 2020 bid for re-election. Ten times Biden has said he’ll repeal Trump’s tax cuts. That’s a losing position. Biden’s tax policies would destroy trillions in wealth and millions of jobs.

Biden supports the wildly unpopular, progressive Green New Deal (GND). The GND would destroy major industries such as oil and gas, coal, cattle farming and travel. GND would also eliminate low cost energy. Its author admitted is was a Trojan horse, created to change the whole economy.

But You Broke It!

Biden called for free public college. He also wants the Public Service Forgiveness program, which forgives student loan debt after ten years of service, “fixed and simplified.” His actual plan to fund “free college” and improve the program remains a mystery.

Joe Biden has had a long and remarkable career in politics despite his non-stop gaffes. His flip-flopping on issues has been remarkable but not uncommon given the length of his career. His sudden hard-left turn is remarkable but all the Democrat candidates made that turn.

Joe Biden is not remarkable because of anything listed above. He is remarkable because, after 50 years in government, he has audacity to ask for our vote! He is, in essence, saying, “I’ll fix government.” Yeah-but, isn’t he one of the people that broke it?

Steve Hartkopf
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