What’s the Difference Between a Hedgehog and a Bunch of Women?

Are Movie-Goers Misogynist?

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In the days we live in, wokeness and man-hating seems to be the modus operendi of the culture. Straight white men should be chemically castrated whether through ADHD medication or soy apparently. Men in general are now considered rapists, according to feminists. Every single girl-based movie from 2015 on has adopted the insane notion that all men are bad and women are 100% the best.  

Numbers Don’t Lie

After a baseline observation, anytime a movie that featured a “strong woman” was released, studios had to bolster ticket sales to protect the film a la Captain Marvel. Witness the biggest studio flops of any feminist style movie like Ghostbusters 2016 or Oceans 8 and any other movie out there that had an all-female cast. Marketed as the feminist foil to the previous renditions, or when a franchise rebrands, it bombed. Like the latest Charlie’s Angels, directed by Elizabeth Banks, who took out the sex appeal of what Charlie’s Angels stood for. 

Not saying that sex appeal is right or wrong but that was the reason why Charlie’s Angels held such a high interest. They were fun, sexy, and used their fun sex appeal to get to the bottom of their escapades. Feminism decided it was best for everyone if directors took that all out and we were given this 2019 femme fatale debacle. These movies listed are just the tip of the iceberg!

Feminist PR Doesn’t Help Either

Over and over again, all of this has been shoved down our throats. It seems that the male feminist allies are also taking part in the craze, as many of them are “authorized” Rotten Tomato critics. They continually hail these feminist-styled movies. It does not help when movies are also marketed as man-bashing, ultra-feminist type movies. It really hurts the box office numbers, and we see that with the latest DCEU offering: Birds of Prey.

If you have seen the movie Suicide Squad, this movie is an off shoot of that. Suicide Squad was not the movie we all figured it was. They tried to take it to the fun Avengers route but failed, and it became a movie that didn’t know what it was. The only redeeming factor in that whole movie was Harley Quinn, the ditzy airhead jester costume side-chick of the Joker. She might come off as empty-headed but has proven to be effective and dangerous in her own right.

Many DC fans love her because of that, and she has proven to be very compelling as her own character. According to the comics, the Birds of Prey concept was a breakaway for her to establish herself, instead of being in the shadow of the Joker. So after Suicide Squad, Harley went out on her own and got into all sorts of mischief with her compatriots.

Margot Robbie also does a fantastic job of bringing this Harley to life! Between Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey, Margot Robbie shines as the titular character. Even though the writers of Suicide Squad failed to utilize Quinn’s full character potential. She keeps the movie entertaining.

Don’t Let The Male Feminists Speak

Due to the promising nature of what Robbie brings to the character, Birds of Prey looked to have held some potential. Granted it was not quite the movie anyone was asking for. Suicide Squad’s mild success at the box office afforded Warner Studios a shot at an extension movie. Leave it to a male feminist to be in charge of the movie’s PR.

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Ewan McGregor went on a media blitz and marketed the movie as the feminist movie of the year. Nevermind that this was his form of damage-control, considering he cheated on his wife.  The former Jedi Master was touting Birds of Prey as the ultimate pro-woman anti-man movie.  
Once the movie was released, the numbers began coming in. 

If ever there was a tragedy, Birds of Prey is definitely one for the books. If Charlie’s Angels 2019 was a flop, Birds of Prey was a kamikaze into the ground. Warner Brothers projected the movie to bank at least a conservative $55 million dollars on opening weekend. It failed to do that, and after a week, it only raked in a little over $33 million dollars. It’s budget was $84.5 million. All because it was marketed as a feminist movie when according to some, there wasn’t much in the contents of the film.

Enter: Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog released on Valentine’s Day, this movie is worth noting. Not because of anything within the contents of the movie itself, as there really is not much to it, but because of how the studio went about it and it is worth praising because this is how it’s supposed to be.

Initially, the first trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog dropped and the response was abysmal. The first rendition of Sonic looked like a complete nightmare.  Fans of the video game franchise spoke out and complained about the look and many took to Twitter to voice their disapproval, expressing how it did not look at all like Sonic. Oddly enough, compared to the likes of Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm, the Sonic directors and producers listened to fans.

They did a complete redesign of the character and in turn offered fans this new version, which is currently gracing the screens now. Fan response has been extremely positive, and many have been praising the direction that Paramount Studios took. The fans asked for the redesign, and it has served as a lesson for many studios who previously decided not to listen. Many movies might look different if this formula was followed to a certain extent.

Imagine Rise of Skywalker, along with some of the other movies in the Disney Star Wars universe so modified. The wokeness would be gone from Captain Marvel, and so many other movies might look different. Studios should know that fans sometimes know what they are talking about. Rather than passing the scripts off as “sexist” or “racist” or “toxic” up front, make them. Many of those movies might do better. 

While the numbers have yet to be released regarding Sonic The Hedgehog, it is definitely one movie to observe. This movie is a fun one to watch with the kids. James Marsden is charming and fun, the voice and mannerisms of Sonic are appealing and witty. Jim Carey is back to his Ace Ventura-styled wackiness. He delivers a great, fun Dr. Robotnik performance. This movie is a great one if you’re fan of the video games. You’ll get all of the easter eggs and nods from the game in this movie!

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