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If there was someone in the Republican party that made a mark in showing that you can be Conservative, Christian, fiery, and cute then the one who made it work was Tomi Lahren.  Everyone knew who she was and the way she would cut her teeth to all the Leftist talking points on her then show on the Blaze made her a hated figure on the Left.  Then Tomi was let go from The Blaze for her pro-choice position where she stated the reason why she’s pro-choice is to minimize government involvement.  She caught flack for that move even if she did explain that she’s pro-choice from a limited government position.  This is where things got rocky as the blond firebrand Conservative chick went from Texas heat to West Coast living after leaving The Blaze.  Things stayed quiet for a while and in the last few years, she became a Fox New correspondent and was recently dating and got engaged much to the chagrin of all the single Conservative dudes out there.  Then the love story we were all hoping would lock down Lahren and see her embrace the “wife life” came crashing to a halt.  Then she posts a 15 minute InstagramLive video about the topic of men and ultimately people are saying that she basically says “men are trash.”  

Benefit of the Doubt

She begins her video by calling out men.  It is true from her vantage point that there are men out there who are garbage human beings.  If you look at men today on a large sociological scale, not many are doing things worthwhile.  A wide overview of the culture will show that some of the men that Tomi does address are the ones uselessly marching in the streets.  Men who are wasting time not building anything or doing anything productive.  Lahren calls these types of men out by saying they are “boys who think they are men” and as such, she’s not wrong.  When men are out there not being responsible, it’s not a good look for the guys who are out there working, building, being productive, being worthwhile men.

The Flipside

The meat of the video she posted and the rest of this supposed “public service announcement” is basically her using a very liberal ultra feminist position that makes the claim that it’s not her or her friends, but it’s the men.  The position she claims is because her friends and herself are attractive, successful, fun types of girls in a certain age bracket who are all having issues, that it’s not the fault of the women, it’s the fault of the men that they are dealing with.  It’s this backwards “It’s not me, it’s definitely you!” idea that Tomi and her friends and anyone she stands with in terms of success, attractiveness, and personality standards are all perfect and it’s the fault of men who will not do the right thing and grab up these women perfectly the way that Tomi believes these women are the standard of perfection.  She goes on in her video to present five questions in order to “manify” men into being men from a psychological standpoint on the basis that today, most men are not being good men.  Again, while she’s not wrong, she’s also using anecdotal evidence to support her claims and frankly, that is one of the weakest forms of argumentation one can use.  Overall, her video bashes men with the same talking points the Left uses and yet she makes the claim peppered in her video that she’s not a feminist or a man-hater but that her experiences and the experiences from her friends is the reason why she had to make this PSA.  The interesting thing is we all knew she was engaged but now in this video, she’s not wearing the rock.  A source claims that ‘she felt she wasn’t ready to settle down” which is ironic that her ex-fiance is an independent running for Congress in California’s 33rd District which includes Beverly Hills.  Yet in her video she believes men are trash when the man she was with was a successful guy building up and trying to do things to make California’s 33rd district great again.

Men Already Know All of This

The sad part of Lahren’s video is that she isn’t saying anything new that men have not heard.  Men already know and see that they are trash.  They hear it all the time from the uber woke feminists.  The labels are already ingrained since school that “boys have cooties” and are not to be trifled with.  Men are already labeled as “sexist”, “misogynist”, and now in our day, for just being a man, you automatically are a “sexual assaulter” and a “rapist.”  Men are accused all day long for being these things day in and day out.  It’s to the point that such labels are not being taken seriously anymore.  Lahren is not helping the situation by calling men as trash when men are already being told that by the ultra woke feminist Left and now a moderate Conservative is also joining the fray is not helpful no matter how good Lahren’s intentions are.  Forget the fact that men today are experiencing health issues such as decline testosterone rates, increasing stress regarding the job market, the desire to fulfill the family man role, the ever-increasing awareness of his own mental stability in our world.  Now you have someone who calls herself a Conservative lover of men and she thinks men are trash because her and her friends are perfect, it really puts a damper on men who are doing well, who are living to a standard that is exceptional, and who are out building their own empire.  The shameful part is Lahren and the ladies she’s associating with are the ones who believe their own hubris.  Yet it is this exact arrogance that asserts itself as “standard” and “value” that poses to be the issue.  There is a difference between a woman who knows her worth and value versus a woman who is a hypergamous spoiled brat.  


It is difficult to take Lahren seriously in this video because she believes in her own hubris.  The anecdotal evidence of the difficulties she and her friends face with men is not only weak, but it is also very hypocritical to be so blind to her own self-awareness.  Why that assertion?  She makes a 15 minute video complaining about men who already are told of their inadequacies and failures day in and day out, makes the claim she loves men but men are trash, talks about being a high value girl but is ringless because of her own will to be single again after being engaged to a congressional candidate in her now ex-fiance but men are the problem.  This is why Lahren should not be giving relationship advice to single ladies because she doesn’t have a man herself and is in no position to be handing out PSAs for men to be better men when she lacks a man herself.  She didn’t add anything of value and therefore, her video is trash.

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