Traveling to Mexico? Better Think Twice!

US State Department Warning

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The US State Department recently issued a warning to travelers to exercise caution when traveling through certain areas of Mexico. The warning issued on Dec. 17, 2019 cautions travelers, stating that violent crime such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery are widespread. Still, tourists and many who travel to visit family members fail to heed the warning. The lack of necessary urgency in the Travel Advisory Level (2) may be lulling travelers into a false sense of security.

More Lives Lost This Week

This week a 13 year-old girl, a US citizen, was murdered by the cartels as she traveled with family to visit with relatives. Not long ago, nine members of a family, including young children, were brutally murdered in an ambush by cartel members. Yet, multitudes travel to dangerous areas, risking their lives and those of loved ones.

The Associated Press reported: “The highway on which they were shot is considered high risk. It runs through an area that’s disputed by criminal groups, including the Gulf Cartel and Zetas. The road connects the city of Mier with Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, on the banks of the Rio Grande across the US–Mexico border from Falcon Heights, Texas.”

Alert Level Must Be Raised!

What will it take to alert the public sufficiently so that adequate precaution is taken? Should the US State Department raise the alert level to prevent more harm to US citizens and residents? Or is this a continuation of the previous administration’s policies by some rooted deep state actors that supported gun running for the cartels to cause maximum violence and a congress that refuses to acknowledge the problem because it would bring light to the democrat agenda? 

Democrat Agenda Endangering the Public

President Trump’s policies are designed to give maximum protection to Americans here and abroad yet there is a large faction of compromised, resistant democrats and liberals who will avoid addressing real issues that face the American public because the facts don’t align with their agenda. 

The dangers in Mexico and abroad are increasing exponentially. The cartels run amok with greater firepower than the Mexican government. The border patrol is often under fire by a fully equipped cartel army. Uninhibited migration by non-assimilating peoples in Europe and elsewhere, where attacks on churches and soft targets abound, calls for a renewed look by the State Department to give US citizens an alert to current conditions. Could the lack of notice be due to the need to blind the public to the effects of globalist agenda? There is a war being perpetrated near our home front. Action must be taken before more innocent lives are lost.

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