The Liberal 9th Circuit Hands President Trump Massive Win on Immigration

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Appeals Court Allows Trump Administration to Send Back Asylum Seekers to Mexico to Wait Out Court Process

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Do you remember the old Semisonic song, Closing Time? There is a very poignant line in the song that says “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.” The 9th Circuit channeled their inner “alternative rock legend” when they decided to reprise this line to the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants that had been told that they could get a “free pass” into the United States by claiming asylum at the border.

In a decision which shocked the world, the ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Court elected to uphold United States law and allow the President the Constitutional powers inherent in the position to defend our borders and maintain immigration law. This ruling is a major victory for the Trump administration in a week where desperate Democrats pathetically attempt to keep their dreams of a damning Muller Report alive as Representative Nadler mulls holding Attorney General Barr in contempt for enforcing the law.

Several elements of this case should give the American public pause. Though the 9th Circuit did rule correctly in this case, one must wonder why they had this sudden change of heart as opposed to previous cases on presidential authority. In the last three years, the 9th Circuit has ruled that the president cannot prohibit immigration from specific countries, that the president’s authority on the immigration is not as simple as what the constitution says it is and even saying that while the immigration law is constitutional, it is invalid because of our “national values.” Last night, we saw the court do a complete about-face. Why?

Many scholars, pundits, and media personalities are afraid to say the truth; the court followed the lead of Democrats and Hollywood who did not want to “risk” the fact that President Donald Trump was serious when he said that asylum seekers would be sent to so-called “sanctuary cities.” Even liberal manganates such as Cher decried the possibility that she would have to live in a community with Central American immigrants. Though they support the socialist policies of AOC, Elisabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, please make no mistake that the Democrat Socialists of the United States are the bourgeoisie and they expected the illegal immigrants to be dumped on us, the lowly proletariat. Now with a president that actually represents all of the United States, not just the 487 counties out of 3,141 that Hillary Clinton won in 2016. The idea that anyone would have the gall to take away the “elite privilege” enjoyed by the Democrat elite shocked the 9th Circuit Court into actually following the law of the land.

Where is the Full Coverage of the Immigration Crisis at our Southern Border?

Why is this such an important issue? First of all, we do not see full coverage of the immigration crisis at our southern border. CNN, MSNBC, and other “balanced” outlets are only covering publicity tours by Democrat leaders and celebrities to the border and showing the “inhumane” conditions in which, we are keeping people who entered our country illegally. Remember, these conditions are better than the conditions that we give: homeless veterans and people in public mental care facilities, many of whom have never committed a crime. These publicity tours are attempting to keep Americans from knowing the actual situation at the border, which dozens of Americans lives stream from their property each day as drug dealers, gang members, and people carrying diseases we thought were wiped out are purposefully shuffled across the border by drug cartels and coyotes. This statement is not suggesting that all the people fleeing democratic socialist policies in Central America are drug dealers, gang members, and people carrying diseases.

The key reason that this is such a significant problem for the United States is because of the armchair lawyers who are saying that the United States must accept these asylum seekers into the United States.  This interpretation is not true. While the United States has a moral duty to review the cases of legitimate asylum seekers who are fleeing their homes for several reasons. The caravans are not “legitimate” under this obligation. Asylum seekers are people who fear that they will be killed, punished or imprisoned if they return to their home country.  Their home country does not even know many of these faceless immigrants, who are migrating for a better life. According to the Free Legal Dictionary, asylum seekers must be able to prove that they will be punished and since the government of their home country does not even know that they exist, punishment is unlikely.  Further, asylum seekers do not have the “right” to select where they want to find refuge. Since Mexico offered asylum to anyone in the caravans, their claim that they have a “right” to enter the United States is wholly invalid.

Second, we must look as to whether these people are refugees, for if they are refugees, they would have limited protections under the law. According to, a refugee is a person who “unable or unwilling to return to their country of nationality because of persecution or a well-founded fear of persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, political opinions, or membership in a particular group.” Once again, this does not apply to the migrants in the caravans as they are, for the most part, nationals of their own country, of the majority race and the common religion of their nation.  This demographic means that claiming “refugee status” is problematic for the migrants.

To Avoid Having to Deal with the Product of Their Broken Rulings…

This analysis brings us to the final determination that the caravans are and always will be illegal aliens trying to get into the United States because they were recruited by social media, coyotes, and drug cartels. In a 2018 piece, Teen Vogue interviewed several teens who said that they read about the caravan on social media and decided to go. Migrating has become a “phenomenon”; however, just because something is a cultural phenomenon does not make it legal. The Baltimore riots, black Friday mobs and protestors blocking emergency vehicles are all phenomena which we have seen over the last few years, regardless of their cultural frivolity, they are serious crimes and major problems for the country. Illegal immigration is no different- it costs billions of dollars each year that a nation $21 trillion in debt cannot afford to pay.

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Unfortunately, it is time to shut off the “free stuff” sign and send people back to their home countries “make [insert country name here] great again.”The 9th Circuit opinion simply reaffirmed that the President of the United States has the power to enforce the law regarding immigration into the United States. President Trump was not “creating powers” with his “pen and phone,” rather he was simply enforcing the laws which Congress had dutifully passed regarding how we admit people into our country. This situation is not a “feel-good” story; this is the government applying the law as it is written. President Donald Trump is simply doing his job, and finally, the 9th Circuit Court agreed with him and is helping “Make America Great Again” by taking a major line item out of the budget. Just like the bartender in the Semisonic song, it is closing time; the fun is over – it is time for people to leave. According to the 9th Circuit Court of appeals they “don’t have to go home, but they can’t stay here.”

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