Despicable: Taylor Swift Robbed of Rights to Her Own Songs!

The Timeline Thus Far

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Sometimes it is the most hilarious thing to watch the Left continually cannibalize their own; other times it is quite saddening. Most mainstream celebrities tend to tow the line of the DNC, but what happens when the team you’ve been fighting for completely derails and betrays you to the point where you can not stay silent? Well, it looks as though this happened to the country girl turned pop sensation Taylor Swift, and the hope for her to switch parties is high!

Taylor Swift has had a decorated musical career, and there’s a catalog of favorites for many from her country days. Songs that talk about such things as the teardrops on her guitar and being Juliet to her Romeo. Then she transitioned to pop and started dropping hit after hit that completely takes center stage and radio charts for weeks on end. On top of that, she garners millions of dollars in ticket sales, merch, and of course musical sales (CD sales, digital downloads and even stream counts).

Tay Tay Gets Political

In 2016, she definitely had a falling out with Kanye West, his VMA interruption notwithstanding of course. But when Kanye began displaying his support for the MAGA movement and what it does for the black community, on top of him showing affinity for BLEXIT founder Candace Owens, people tossed him aside. Swift quickly joined that wave.

But Swift chose not to voice her choice for a candidate because she believed that it would stain her by giving her a temporary negative public image. She stated soon after that she regrets this decision. So in 2018 she publicly bashed Republican Marsha Blackburn while endorsing Democrat Phil Bredesen. Then in 2019, she decided to get even louder with her politics and pushed for the Equality Act. Now as we head into 2020, Tay Tay claims she’ll get even more loud with her activism.


Swift’s music was under her own label until a few months ago when the rights to her entire musical catalog were sold to music manager Scooter Braun. Scooter Braun used to be the A&R guy for Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def label and, most notably, manager for Justin Bieber during the “Baby” and “Purpose” days. Braun’s management company also has Ariana Grande as part of their artist lineup.

Many have alleged Scooter Braun is a manipulative and conniving weasel who tries to capitalize on other people’s fame. And now with Braun owning all of Swift’s back catalog of music, he denied Taylor the rights to her own songs. It was at the 2019 Billboard Women of Music Event where she dropped a bombshell. Apparently, a big time donor that helped fund Taylor Swift’s back catalog was provided the funds by none other than Leftist puppet master George Soros.

Yes! The same Soros that funded Black Lives Matter, Media Matters, Open Society Foundation and other Leftist organizations that undermine and disrupt the American way of life. He also has other international dealings that seek to disrupt the social fabric of other nations. To put it bluntly, the Soros family allegedly funded Braun in order to purchase all of the rights to Taylor Swift’s back catalog. And Swift is unable to get it back, even considering it’s all her own music! Let that sink in.

The fact that Swift said this on national television is quite incredible to say the least (You can watch her full acceptance speech here)! As news of this began to pepper the internet prior to her speech, she garnered support from the likes of Gigi Haddad, Halsey, Cher, Selena Gomez, and even Senator Elizabeth Warren. Granted, Taylor’s politics are questionable and there are many things we disagree with her on. But the common ground here is that she was played and the Left did her dirty! So this means the ground is fertile for a brand new addition to the Conservative movement!

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Dear Taylor,

This is your formal invitation to come on over to the Right! There’s plenty of room for you here. You are welcomed into the Conservative movement and your songs will be given a special place, since so many indeed love your music! The Left has done you wrong! It is your music! You deserve to own the rights to all of your songs from your country days to RED! 

If indeed Soros funded the effort to purchase the rights to your music, which has prohibited you from being able to sing your own songs, it shows just how little the Left cares for you or your creative endeavors! The Right will appreciate and back you 100%. No, we don’t have to agree on a lot, but this is an open invitation to think about how you were played by the very team you swung for and make a positive change!

And that is just one of the many things they played you on. Imagine what other stuff they sold you a bill of goods on! Dear Taylor Swift, you were played, fooled, and left in the dust by Soros and Braun. Dump the Left, #WalkAway, and in turn, you’ll be met with thunderous applause from those on the Right who love your music and care about your well being as a person just as much as your pursuits in the art of music!

We await your response. Just see what they did to you. We all can agree that with the bad blood the Left put on you, all we will be able to say is, “Look what you’ll make her do!” We will join in the mighty chorus, supporting our new family member who was dumped by the Left and left for dead. As the story goes, the prodigal sister returns home and we’ll celebrate!

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