DISGUSTING! Man Who Assaulted Female Pro Lifer in 2018 Barely Punished

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The Assault From the Beginning

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We last reported on the incident with Jordan Hunt and how he assaulted pro-life organizer Marie Bissonette with a roundhouse kick to the face. He was fired from his job at Noble 101, a local hair salon, and ultimately caught. As she wisely documented the violent interaction, you can hear her bring up smart, thought out responses that never wavered. They were rooted in solid truth, both scientifically and morally.

If ever there was a reason never to visit Canada, surely this is it.

Each person in the womb deserves a chance to live regardless of how each baby was conceived, was Ms. Bissonnette’s perspective. Jordan did not like that idea, geared up, and swung his foot into Marie’s face. Her phone tumbles to the ground, and you hear Jordan yell, “I meant to kick her phone! I meant to kick her phone!” as he runs away from the scene. Marie was heard saying, “Don’t touch me!” as people attempted to assist her up.

Police Arrest Jordan Hunt, Abortion Activist Who Assaulted ...

What Followed

The Internet took stock and found out who this guy was. Obviously pro-abortion, he has had a history of assaulting pro-life advocates. Here is a video that surfaced of him assaulting pro-lifers before the kick seen around 4chan. After his roundhouse kick went viral, people recognized him and word got around that he worked for Noble 101, a hair salon in Toronto. The salon fired him as news of his place of employment became public and Yelp reviews began building as negative press started piling on the salon. 

He ultimately turned himself in a few days later and was charged with seven counts of assault. According to Toronto law, the type of assault that Hunt perpetrated was “assault causing bodily harm.” He was given seven counts of assault charges, each of which, if he’s convicted, is a maximum of 18 months imprisonment. You can read a breakdown of the Canadian Laws on assault here.

Given Sickening Slap On The Wrist

But one can always depend on Canada to be lenient to a fault. Many claim that Canadians are always so nice and so apologetic. Always saying sorry and always going out of their way to give their own right of way to each other. But not when it comes to freedom of religious practice, and definitely not when they need to carry out the extent of their own laws regarding assault.

Jordan Hunt’s final sentence is 8 months of probation; he’s also not allowed to go within 100 meters of any pro-life rally.  8 months of probation for a man who is historically seen harassing and assaulting pro-life women. The very notion that he literally roundhouse kicked Marie Bissonette in the head and admitted to kicking her should have gotten more severe penalties.

Albeit he claims he meant to kick her phone, still, the evidence clearly showed that he kicked her, regardless of what his target was alleged to being.  And after seven counts of assault, he is only getting off with 8 months of probation. If ever there was a reason never to visit Canada, surely this is it. If you’re a practicing evangelical Christian, pro-life, or whatever does not line up with the current cultural Canadian narrative, get out as quick as you can!

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