Ricky Gervais, They Didn’t Listen

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Highlights of Ricky Gervais and Michelle Williams’ Pro-Abortion Speech

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The speech heard around the world!  The most epic award opening speech from a comedian who frankly, does not care anymore.  He said it himself. And people are going crazy over it and are now calling for his cancellation while others are joyously celebrating what we have already known about Hollywood.  Ricky Gervais’ scathing opening speech completely lambasting Hollywood is the speech we needed, but do not deserve. But we have it and we are loving it!

The Golden Globes

It is an annual award show put on by The Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association.  It is basically The Oscars lite in every regard. But considering as of the last few years, award shows whether The Oscars, MTV, VH1, ESPN, and even the BET awards, ratings have continued to plummet; unlike Trump’s approval rating which are soaring higher than Bette Midler, even with the wind beneath her wings!  Nobody watches them unless you’re of the press, obsessed with Hollywood, or you need to for sociological reasons and want to have the ability to spill the tea on pop culture. Otherwise, you simply don’t care what Beyonce was wearing that night or who won an award. Again, it’s just another self-aggrandizing gathering of peacocks who are trying to flock their feathers and commend each other for acting skills and producing skills that nobody cares for, that is as of late anyways.  

In Comes Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais is an atheist British comedian.  He is also a straight white male. Why does that matter?  It doesn’t unless you’re an intersectional feminist and this is important as we will unpack later on so bear with us dear reader as we will revisit this point soon.  At any rate, these award shows always ask for the funny clowns of the celebrity world to come and open the show and inject the lighthearted into the gala with their comedic interjections to spice up the night.  He has been the Golden Globes master of ceremony for at least four of them and it is quite clear, this is his last one for sure! Why? Did you hear the speech?! No? Well, let’s break it down for you!

Appreciate the Dryness!

Comedy is subjective.  What is funny to someone is not really all that funny to another and that should be alright.  Russell Peters is not for everyone, but if you are Asian whether Oriental or Indian Asian, he is quite hilarious.  Perhaps the craze of Jim Carey fits your fancy (although not lately). Perhaps Dane Cook or Bernie Mac or maybe even Amy Schumer or Margaret Cho.  Then again, Dennis Miller or Eddie Murphy might be your cup of comedic tea. Perhaps Rowan Atkinson of Mr. Bean fame and maybe even the dry delivery of Ricky Gervais himself fits you.  If the dry humor and delivery of Ricky Gervais is not your fancy, make it a point to make it your fancy because this will be something you’ll enjoy. He opens by obviously welcoming guests and his Hollywood elite friends and says this is the last one he’s doing because he doesn’t care and he never did.  

Ricky is very self aware of himself as he comments on Kevin Hart’s award show debacle and yet here is Ricky Gervais, hosting an award show despite his offensive tweets and posts.  Again, shows the sheer hypocrisy of Hollywood and perhaps even their racism as they let a white guy who makes fun of transpeople host the Golden Globes but won’t allow a black guy for making a statement against the Gay mafia.  That is pretty telling and Gervais brought that to light for sure, allegedly.

He then proceeds to warn the crowd that he will bring the laughs at the expense of everyone there that night.  But Gervais wastes no time as he first talks about his limo license plate which was made by Felicity Huffman. Remember that dooky show?  How the former “Desperate Housewives” star paid $15,000 to Rick Singer, the mastermind of a nationwide college admissions scheme, to have someone correct answers on the SAT test of her oldest daughter, Sophia.  She got off 11 days later but, still she served time and well, perhaps Ricky’s limo license plate was pressed by her. The audience let out a roar. Many disapproved the comment and found themselves caught on camera with their mouths open wide like Tom Hanks!  

Interspersed in this eight minute diatribe aimed at the glammed-up elites was hits of praise to some of the great directors like Martin Scorsece which was followed up by jabs and hits as Gervais mocks everyone in the room.  Nobody was safe, especially when he brought up Ronan Farrow, the guy who helped spur the Weinstein sexual assault investigations. The camera hits up various folks in the room and you can see the slight panic and the uncomfortable tension from these various actors and actresses.  Between calling them all perverts. OH NO HE DIDN’T! OH YES, HE DID! He followed up with highlight the pedophile movies released in the last year from “Leaving Neverland” to “Two Popes”. Jonathan Pryce did not like that comment for sure (psst… because he starred in it)! He also called The Hollywood Foreign press racist since there really were no people of color winning awards that night.  He then followed that up with doing a memoriam of the people who died but Gervais inserts that the list of people who passed on were all white people and no people of color and Gervais is a champion for diversity in that regard.

One grand highlight was when he spoke about how no one goes to movies or watch network TV anymore.  It’s all Netflix to which he describes the show “Afterlife,” a show about a man who wants to commit suicide because his wife dies of cancer.  Gervais spoils it by saying there’ll be a second season so clearly the character didn’t kill himself, then INSERT EPSTEIN! Yes friends! Ricky Gervais took a cue from the American Conservative line regarding the corruption of Hillary Clinton and brought it to light on network television by literally saying, “Jeffrey Epstien didn’t kill himself!”  Are you not entertained yet?! The audience groan was quickly met with the dry, “Shut up! I know he’s your friend but I don’t care.” The camera pans to various actors and actresses who sat there in very clear dissatisfaction and uncomfortable tension. Take a gander at Lauren Graham!  

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Gervais cuts into everyone from Scorsese, the Marvel movies to Judi Dench and James Corden who took part in the movie “Cats,” the Andrew Lloyd Weber stage show turned movie adaptation, that nobody asked for much less saw in theaters.  

Another highlight was when he switched gears and praised Apple and Tim Cook for jumping into making Apple TV shows.  But without skipping a beat, Gervais roasts Apple because they own sweatshops in China. As the audience groans again, one of the greatest lines that attacks Hollywood’s own virtue signaling garbage views is when Gervais then says, “Well you say you’re woke but the companies you work for I mean, unbelievable.  Apple. Amazon. Disney. If ISIS started a streaming service, you’d call your agent.”

The final straw that breaks Hollywood’s back is his last diatribe.  He calls them all about as uneducated as Greta Thunberg and says that they should not talk about their politics because they don’t know what is going on in the real world so thank you agent, your God, and GTFO!  Epic and pure gold is all that can be said. You can watch the whole speech here and enjoy.

They Didn’t Listen

But like petulant children, they don’t listen to the voice of reason and the night went on with the actors talking about their failed politics.  One part of the night, an award went to Michelle Williams. You might remember her from her Dawson’s Creek days. She wins a best actress award and what does this blond bimbo so unaware of her own self, even after what Gervais said?  She spews nonsense about choice and basically says that abortion helped her win this award. Again, we wish we were making this up. The last thing we want to do as journalists and educated op-ed writers is to lead people astray with hyperbolic jargon.  But she literally hailed abortion for giving her this award because, women’s choice. You can watch her speech here.  It actually proves Ricky Gervais’ point he made in his opening monologue!  But do the actors and actresses care? Not at all. Not when it’s about that bit of metal handed to them as a pat on the back to their work.

Join the Club Ricky

What is amazing is how lack of self-awareness these Hollywood elites have.  Michelle Williams is exactly what Gervais was talking about. She is literally the epitome of everything Gervais was mocking about Hollywood.  The fact she did not listen to anything Gervais said proves instantly where Hollywood stands. But more importantly, it proves what we have known all along.  Never ever get your data, voting information, political ideas, ideological presuppositions, cultural points from Hollywood actors and actresses. They have proven themselves to be nothing more than zoo animals.  Shiny attractions that do nothing more than attempt to entertain the masses in one form or another. Ricky Gervais should seriously join the Conservative movement here in the States because we would definitely be the best of friends with this guy because many of us totally agree.

A Word of Note

We should do well to keep an eye on ratings of these shows and also the trajectory of such content on network TV as well as big tech.  Conservatives are turning in and will be looking forward because what Ricky Gervais said that night at the Golden Globes is bringing attention to this award show that nobody really cared to watch previously.  General Americans and most right leaning folks do like it when celebs shove their virtue signaling rhetoric down people’s throats while accusing these people of being “racist” or “sexists.” It is no wonder why many of these award shows lose ratings and in turn money but when you have comedians like Gervais call out Hollywood to be the blundering piles of ridiculousness they are, Americans tune into that content.  When an elite is self-aware of how much of a joke being woke is and call them out on it, it turns our attention to that with the hopes that it’ll happen again and again until things reach equilibrium in the culture. Guarantee that the higher ups for these shows will be observing and in turn shifting their dollars to ensure they want to grab the highest views possible next time around. It will be interesting to see how legacy media and big tech will handle this type of content and whether or not it is worth it to grab up the numbers they lost when they decided being woke is a thing. 

Perhaps it is a loss to adopt intersectional feminist and SJW rhetoric.  When you get wok, you go broke and if Ricky Gervais has anything to say about it, sure enough, people who hated the virtue signaling felt this was a breath of fresh air and may want to see more of it.  Especially when one of their own calls out everyone else on their fake wokeness, people pay attention. Bad press is still press and many Conservatives have taken notice and are thorought enjoying the spanking Gervais gave Hollywood that night!

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