“Green New Deal” and Other Democrat BS

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What They Won’t Clap For

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After the State of the Union address, news reports are showing vast differences in responses to President Trump’s speech.  People all over are showing surprising approval of the contents of the speech. Yet there are a few who are clinging to their failing narrative, showing how out of touch they are.

President Trump delivered the State of the Union address this past week, and during the speech there were moments no other President has ever inspired.  He was able to unify both sides of Congress and still speak to the American people plainly and simply. Trump talked about record high employment numbers in the black, Latino, and female demographics.  The President also praised the number of women who are in high profile positions, as well as those who currently hold seat in Congress.

Trump spoke on how over 1500 sex traffickers were caught and imprisoned. Trump also spoke about the American identity and how it will never be a socialist country. Once the speech was done CBS News showed, live on air, a 76 percent approval rating from those who saw the address, indicating how the general public felt about what the President said.

The Optics

It is apparent that Trump has detractors.  No one will need to be fact checked on that.  So what happens when you hear points that on principle are good and truly worth noting?  Well, one would considering standing and cheering for the point. If the point is good, cheering for it would be the appropriate response, especially when it involves a fantastic outcome.  That should be a general response no matter the political leanings of a person.

Many never-Trumpers are on the verge of pulling the lever for Team Trump.

Apparently that was not the case. When Trump spoke about high employment rates in the black, female, and Latino demographics, Republicans and those on the right stood up and cheered for it. Surprisingly the Black Caucus stayed sitting. When Trump talked about border security, he put a great deal of emphasis on cutting off drug smugglers and sex traffickers and protecting women and children.  

Democrats stayed silent and wouldn’t stand and clap for that. Rep. Kamala Harris shook her head. You can watch the video below at 1:00.  Another point that people in citizen journalism are noting is the rampant and disgraceful lack of action on the Democrat side.  

When President Trump stated that there were over 1500 sex traffickers caught and jailed, many of the women (who were wearing white for women’s rights) stayed sitting.  The best reaction of all during that moment was when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez looked over, confused as to whether to stand and cheer for that; she based her reaction on how her other teammates reacted or didn’t. 

The Gift of the Socialist Left

We are now days removed from the State of the Union address. Memes, commentary and videos have emerged. It is not looking great for the Democrats.  Even still, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) continues to say some of the most ridiculous, factually inaccurate things.

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This is morally detrimental because that which is inaccurately spun as fact is a lie. Misleading people is, in fact, immoral.  She continues to spit anti-Trump rhetoric even as approval ratings for the SOTU stand at 76 percent. A full 81 percent of independents also are approving of President Trump. NO President has been able to do that.  

AOC went on air with Rachel Maddow of MSNBC to discuss the SOTU. When asked about her thoughts, AOC states, “I think that uh, the President was unprepared. I don’t think that he did his homework. I, you know, we’ve seen States of the Union addresses delivered, uh delivered by many Presidents, Democrat and Republican; they almost always have substantive policies that are offered.”

Democrat Optics Are Enough

“I agree with uh uh, Senator Klobuchar there, that there was no plan. There was no plan to address our opioid crisis, there was no plan to address the cost of health care, there was no plan to increase wages. It was, I had to uh, ask myself, ‘Is this a campaign stop or is this a State of the Union?’” This is just one of many contributions that AOC continues to deliver to the Trump 2020 campaign.

Many alt-media figures, from Steven Crowder to Tim Pool, are stating the optics provided by the Democrats are enough.  Some are (comically) saying all Trump needs to do is show a clip of him saying 1500 sex traffickers are in jail (with no response from the Left) to get re-elected. They are right; it does look bad to the general public, and considering the fodder it provides Conservative media.

Green New Deal

Just on the heels of the SOTU address, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided to jump the freshman gun and propose a plan to directly affect the battle to keep climate change in check.  In her deal, she plans to implement a radical plan to eject coal and fossil fuel. She says America will switch to “green energy” production in 10 years time under her plan.

This also includes retrofitting every building in the U.S. with green energy tech. Everyone will also have to give up their fuel consuming car for a Tesla, essentially. Don’t forget, you have jobs provided by the government. Ocasio-Cortez says taxes should be raised to 70 percent for those making more than 10 million (many economists state it is a farce to think it would work to fund the NGD.). This bill is supposed to be about environmental conscientiousness and curbing the carbon footprint of America.

The language in the bill’s first draft proposed some very socialist concepts. The draft suggested that people would be getting a ‘fair wage’ for those willing and UNWILLING to work. Democrats suggested GOP forgeries after the backlash. The current bill’s site iterates those who are willing and able to work, currently. It replaced “willing and unwilling to work.”  You can read the current draft of the Green New Deal here.

Do NOT Ever Change, Democrats

Trump supporters everywhere are currently watching the news carefully for everything the Democrats are doing. They are calling it out in droves with almost sadistic glee. One cannot blame them at all because no one really needs to do anything.

All that needs to be done is release clips in context and show how bad the optics are. Not just for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but for Democrats in general.  People on the right are begging for AOC to continue with her positions. Everything she is doing and everything she says is wrapping the 2020 elections in a neat little bow.

From suggesting that the three branches of the U.S. government is the Presidency, the Senate, and the House to suggesting that it is better to be morally correct than factually correct, (and even saying “people just pay for it” when asked how her ideas and policies will be paid for), she is basically handing the election to President Trump.  

The Left is letting Cortez do this. Nancy Pelosi pulled the blanket from under AOC’s feet regarding her Green New Deal, but they continue to push middle America away with late term abortion, open borders, socialism, and increasing taxation upon Americans.

Trump Derangement Syndrome

The TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) has gotten so bad that during the SOTU, everyone from CBS, Washington Post, and other ‘fact-checking’ outlets were frantic, micro-‘fact- checking’ many of the president’s statements.  One such instance is when Trump stated that one in three women trafficked across the border are raped.

A fact checking outlet ‘corrected’ Trump; they stated it was only ‘partly true’, and corrected it to 31 percent of trafficked women are raped. The dark comedy in this is Trump, who has made comments in the past about groping women, has the moral high ground now. These organizations shouldn’t worry about a 2 percent discrepancy.

They should worry more about women getting raped while they are being trafficked.  These are the gifts that keep on giving. So many Conservatives and right of center people are loving the gems the Democrats (especially Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) continue to hand President Trump. Many never-Trumpers are on the verge of pulling the lever for Team Trump.

Suffice to say, once the wall is built, Trump 2020 is locked down and ready for another four years of American exceptionalism. So many are hoping for more sound bites and more reactions from left wing media. Especially the gift that keeps on giving, Democrats.

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