A Blazing Mistake?

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Are CRTV and The Blaze on the Same Team?

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Many conservative groups and movements lack consistency of unity.  The Left does a great job at galvanizing their team, even if they tend to cannibalize each other ideologically at times. This should not be the case with the Right. The CRTV and The Blaze merger should have been a moment for conservative media to shine brightly. The fusion of the growing CRTV with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze brought about an unexpected result. Over the span of a day, Beck’s decision to release popular Gavin McInnes from their line up created a Twitter firestorm.

Some Context on CRTV

Mark Levin, noted radio host who speaks on many topics regarding life in politics, started CRTV.  From there, a plethora of individuals who espouse conservative and more right leaning ideas joined the ranks. Michelle Malkin, Steven Crowder, popular YouTube commentator Roaming Millennial, The Conservative Millennial Allie Stuckey, and Gavin McInnes all joined. And a slew of others joined and CRTV charged full steam ahead. Duck Dynasty famed Phil Robertson joined, Facebook video ranter Graham Allen joined and on and on the list grew and subscriptions to CRTV was on the rise.

Meanwhile, The Blaze didn’t seem to do much in terms of making a dent in the views based on YouTube viewership and circulation.  And from their ranks, they seemed to have dropped some big names from their rosters. Dana Loesch left to join NRATV and Beck suspended and terminated blond firebrand Tomi Lahren because of her pro-choice position. Lahren seemed to get some flack for her stance on abortion. Any honest review of her videos would confirm that she doesn’t take a pro-life position because of intellectual consistency, but that is neither here nor there.

Merging Shock

CRTV announced this past week that it will merge indefinitely with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and become BlazeTV.  Yet within a span of the last 24-48 hours, BlazeTV dropped Gavin McInnes for reasons yet unknown. Much of the public are making their guesses and canceling their subscriptions. BlazeTV’s Twitter announcement has so far received 3.5K comments, over 623 retweets, and over 1.5 likes. But the weight of almost every comment disagrees with McInnes’ cancellation. The low retweets reveal that getting rid of McInnes was a big mistake and one that people are stating will hurt the organization.


Some speculate that CRTV dropped Gavin McInnes for his relationship with the hated Proud Boys. Other speculate that it’s the same kind of disagreeable sensibilities Beck had with Lahren that he cut McInnes from the roster. And yet, CRTV subscribers widely loved “Get Off My Lawn.”

McInnes’ “Get Off My Lawn”

McInnes is banned from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites. CRTV paywall was the only source of income he had as far as the public knows. Now that he’s fired, people have expressed deep disdain and are going elsewhere due to the cancellation of “Get Off My Lawn.” Fans are calling for Louder with Crowder and Roaming Millennial Uncensored to get out while they can (if they don’t want to be dictated by Glenn Beck’s oversight on content). McInnes was a straight shooter and much of his commentary was fun, insightful, and always contrarian, always drawing subscribers. It seems as though the biggest draw for CRTV was both Steven Crowder and Gavin McInnes. Now that McInnes is gone, more are canceling which should pose a concern for BlazeTV as they axed one of their best selling hosts.

Future of Conservative Media

Conservative media is a diamond in the rough.  With the Left having such a stronghold in terms of scope and financial backing, alternative perspectives and dissenting opinions that go against the Left are few and far between. Fox News tends to miss out on reaching people because of their desire to be a reputable news organization but they can also be dishonest at times. The Blaze hasn’t seen an uptick in numbers. This is because of how Glenn Beck conducts himself at times as a censorious dictator who wants things done his way in terms of creative process. More often than not, his efforts aren’t that creative and hurt his brand.

CRTV announced this past week that it will merge indefinitely with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and become BlazeTV.

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NRATV only reaches a certain niche of the population who are passionate about guns. It hits on the 2nd Amendment niche yet lacks cultural and political commentary. The only balanced networks that are growing in hosts, subscribers, and financial backing are The Daily Wire and CRTV. Large personalities like Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, and Andrew Klavan as well as Steven Crowder, Graham Allen, and Gavin McInnes all created the draw as well as the numbers and the viewership.

Was McInnes the Real Star of CRTV?

Most admit that the only reason they subscribed to CRTV was due to Gavin McInnes’ “Get Off My Lawn” and LwC. Now with McInnes gone, most are canceling and this hurts and will continue to hurt the BlazeTV business venture. BlazeTV’s efforts seem to be a foil to what’s really going on in culture. Only time will tell if the merger was successful, or a blazing mistake that will burn out the network because of their decision to let go of one of their most popular hosts. So far, the numbers don’t lie. Subscribers canceled their subscriptions immediately after CRTV announced that McInnes was let go. And this isn’t something that conservative media can afford to do right now. Former subscribers blame CRTV for causing division and turning off current and potential subscribers. Only time will tell if the move was a good one, or will BlazeTV fizzle.

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