The Toilet Bowl of America: Can You Guess the City?

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Shall We Play a Game?

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Can you guess the city? What does 300, 96, 100, 41, illegal aliens, the name London Breed, and leftist Democrat government all have in common? Not being privy to the numbers may be a hindrance, but perhaps the name, and the obvious government partisan side, might give it away. Onward with the guess the city game:

  • At least 300 piles of festering human feces in over 96 blocks
  • 100 used syringes covering 41 blocks
  • Illegal aliens piling in
  • Newly appointed Mayor who is harboring illegals

Guess the City… Hint: It’s No Better Than Third World India

In 2018, the city of San Francisco became known for its less-than-proud title of “toilet bowl.” One confirmed report states that there was a plastic bag with at least 20 pounds of feces with its contents leaking out onto the street.

One would think they were in India; 50% of native Indians in India openly defecate in the streets. Fifty percent! This article is not about the streets of India. It is in fact, detailing a city in the United States of America. Along with fecal matter, there are other issues.


The city is widely known to be drug central. Many residents and business owners consistently comment on how people are openly shooting up heroin in broad daylight. There is a clip on YouTube showing Mayor London Breed walking through the streets with her entourage, with an NBC Bay 5 News crew, when the camera dramatically hones in on a person preparing a needle to shoot up. The camera pans up to catch Mayor Breed’s facial reaction. She glances at the addict, and quickly averts her gaze, as she continues walking forward.

The NBC report concurs with the detailed bullets above: 153 city blocks covering 20 miles over three days, found 303 piles of human feces, mingled with trash on almost every corner, and over 100 used drug needles strewn about. Sadly, the report also showed a line of children tied together chain-gang style walking past what was reported by NBC as a pile of at least a dozen needles. Children, shimmying past a pile of used syringes. There is a website where residents can file a complaint; The site analytics confirmed that there is a feces complaint once every 20 minutes on average.

City officials are not solving the problems, and seem to be complicit in it. Spending nearly $500,000/year, San Francisco hands out nearly four hundred thousand needles per month while claiming it is an effort to reduce HIV and other health risks for users. This pans out to be over one million needles per year.

Two recommended article links regarding this phenomenon are here. It is believed that out of the 400,000 needles handed out monthly, only 246,000 are returned to the 13 access and disposal sites. This means 154,000 needles are potentially not being discarded properly, and may explain those floating around openly, or found in playgrounds, parks and other places.


There are literally thousands of homeless individuals living on the streets of San Francisco. At any given time, they may be victims of crime, offenders of crime, openly defecating, on one or more drugs or simply lost in despair. With each passing year, the problem is getting worse.

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Part of the blame is due to the very high cost of living. Homeless services spending was increased 40% over the last 5 years, yet homeless rates remained the same.


Crime has overtaken this “utopia”. According to Neighborhood Scout website, “With a crime rate of 63 per one thousand residents, San Francisco has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities.” It is only “Safer than 3% of United States Cities.”

Car break-ins have reached “epidemic” level and broad daylight violence has increased to the point where it has driven away a medical convention, which normally generates roughly 40 million dollars in revenue for the city. Tourism is dropping. According to Hotel Council executive director Kevin Carroll, “People say, ‘I love your city, I love your restaurants, but I’ll never come back.’”

Illegal Aliens

Due to the very left leaning nature of the city government, San Francisco has proudly deemed itself to be a “sanctuary city”. It praises itself to be a beacon for illegal aliens. There are records of Mayor Breed suggesting to tip off illegal aliens of a possible ICE raid. She says, “The goal is to treat our immigrant community the same as if they are a real part of our community whether they are citizen or not.” Some would disagree with her, and suggest she is aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

Political Causes and Their Effects

Many would agree within conservative circles that it has everything to do with the far left ideological systems. It has been noted that the reason for the degradation is generally a three-fold issue:

  1. Laws against public drug use and open defecation are not enforced
  2. Local government is incentivizing lifestyle, not disincentivizing it
  3. There is no expectation for the underclass to take responsibility

Many posit, due to these three factors, it is the ideological perspective of the left to keep people down in a welfare state in order to garner votes. Rather than choosing to help lift people out of poverty, and to penalize those who have committed a crime, the local government is in essence incentivizing victimhood and enabling criminal behavior.

By their actions, Mayor Breed, and the local government, have decided to put the lives of illegal aliens above constituents, thereby discarding the very citizens she and others have been commissioned to protect. Many believe this grossly bloated, bureaucratic nightmare is the reason for the death of Katie Steinle and why Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was acquitted of homicide.

When It’s Brown, Flush It Down

If the current trajectory of San Francisco continues, as people move out and businesses go elsewhere, it is very likely that San Francisco’s local government will collapse under the burden of failing programs that do more harm than good.

Citizens who pay more and more out of their pockets to inadvertently support avoidable increased amounts of illegal aliens, criminal activity, homelessness, drug use, sanitation costs, etc. seem to accept they are the chosen sacrificial lambs. Tourism also seems to be abandoned, along with its citizenry.

The once tourist-friendly, proud city of streetcars, movies, TV series, history and landmarks is being drained of its lifeblood. The thriving community of yesteryear is being systematically replaced under a decaying cesspool of political bad decisions, and quite literally buried under drug needles and feces.

Tourists will no longer croon they “left their heart in San Francisco”, unless something changes drastically.

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