Deported but Not Forgotten

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First British Citizen That Was Deported by President Trump

Watching the acorn raise up on New Year’s Eve 2016, I was a man filled with anticipation for the future. Raleigh, North Carolina was filled with people, and there was a genuine sense of celebration that interlaced the throngs of people. It was cold and I do not like the cold, but there was a sense of electrified victory in the crisp air and hope for a bright future.

The Celebration Was Short-Lived

A few weeks later, I was in Nash County Jail waiting to be picked up by immigration police. I was taken to Wake County Jail and then to Atlanta City Detention Center, or as I politely call it-hell on earth. Seriously, if you are planning to commit a crime in Atlanta, please think again. I lost 40lbs in three months of incarceration waiting to be deported and banished from the nation that I love.

I could blame circumstance. I could blame President Trump’s tough stance on immigration. I could blame myself, or I could blame what happened to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services under the Obama administration. I am going to choose the last two. I had ample time to apply for my Green Card, and as a man married to an American citizen, while it was expensive, we could have gotten it done.

The USCIS helpline, under Obama, told me that I did not really need to worry about a green card, that I could work in the USA as long as I had a tax code, which I had. They also told me that as a man married to an American Citizen, I had the right to abode. My wife had four children from a previous marriage, and I did all that I could to keep them while working low-level manual jobs.

On The Very Cusp

Under Obama, the USCIS became a watered down government department of limited means and authority. There seemed to be no threat, and I was about to apply for my Green Card. I had finally made enough to pay a lawyer the funds necessary to start the application. I wanted nothing more than to be able to work, take care of my family and pledge my allegiance to the most relaxed country in the world to call home because America is wonderful.

Sadly, it was not to be. President Trump changed nothing on immigration with the exception that it was finally given its teeth back, having been all but neutered under the Obama administration. He did everything that he said that he would, and he did it at a speed that I have never seen a politician move unless it was the queue to file illegal expense reports in the British Government. Now, I am here in London, watching history happen, and I have come to the conclusion that I have no one to blame but myself. Uncle Sam gave me the opportunity to do it right, and I failed to act in time.

Loving From Afar

I have since seen a President of the United States end the second war that my grandfather fought in alongside American forces in the Korean War. I have seen a President reduce the tax burden on his entire country. I filed my taxes, and I am proud of that. I read an article that informed us of a late night phone call from the Kremlin to the White House where an overjoyed Vladimir Putin thanked Donald Trump for permitting the CIA to share intelligence with the FSB that enabled them to thwart a planned terrorist attack on the Cathedral in St Petersburg on Christmas Day 2017.

I have seen a president watch as North Korea fired an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile over the Bow of Japan, an act of war that would have seen a lesser man invade North Korea, risking the lives of hundreds of thousands of American military personnel. What a cold way to describe them; They are sons, daughters, mothers, fathers; brave men and women who also believe in America.

I have seen a president wisely hold back from leading the world into an all-out war that could have only ended with Nuclear weapons being used. I am not angry at the president of the United States. I love him, and I owe the man my life and the lives of the people that I love. In this politically charged world, Europe seems desperate for a war with Russia.

Iran seems to have a fully funded nuclear weapons program, whose funding has come directly from the Obama administration on your tax dollars and mine, and seeks to destroy Israel. In this world where Britain will blame Russia for just about anything, I am truly in awe of President Trump. He is a president who can not only manage all of these threats but calmly (Twitter feed notwithstanding) take control in a way that leads the entire world to a place of peace summits, trade negotiations and rebuilding of relationships with former enemies. I am referring to the relationships that America has with China, Russia, and North Korea.

What, Exactly, Are You Protesting?

If you are a Democrat, perhaps you protested against the Trump election. I cannot blame you, having had to look at this grumpy old man who will say anything he wants and seems like he could do anything. I understand your fears and I applaud them. I always encourage caution. Are you able to see how your life is better under his presidency? The tax cuts have added more money in your pockets, and there are more jobs than there are people to fill them. Your nation is stepping back from embroiling itself in wars it would have jumped on in the past.

Nobody likes to be associated with the right wing. The very mention of the word conjures up images of skinhead barbarism, lynchings, and separatism. This is the New Right, we hold out open arms of welcome to all people. We want to continue a pursuit of peace in the entire world and want to bring everyone in with us.

Bernie Sanders has gone out of his way to show hatred to Christianity, Hillary Clinton has done nothing but throw temper tantrums over how she feels she has been ill-treated, and Joe Biden continues to fondle little girls in public and on YouTube videos. I urge you to do a YouTube search to see for yourselves.

Open Your Eyes, America

This world is in a real state of decay. Donald Trump, love him or despise him, has brought a new order to the world and has raised the standards for the entire planet. I implore you to give him a chance. I honestly do not think he is going to let any of us down. You may be wondering who am I to say this to you.

My wife has filed for divorce. Those people that I love have been taken from me. I am currently hunting for work in a nation that persecutes Christians and employs foreign labor at will because they are cheaper. I am one of the people who has more reasons to bitterly resent Donald Trump than most.

Instead, I choose to support him because he has quite literally saved the life of every man, woman, and child on this planet. It is time for you to see your good fortune in this man, and to support him in all that he does.

Tony Parton

Tony Parton

Tony Parton is a writer for NRN. He is the first British citizen to be deported under Donald Trump and have become a Pro-Trump voice in the UK. He enjoys writing and has a written for a couple of news and blog sites.

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  1. Good article from a true patriot. I'll take 100 Tony's for every mealy-mouthed Republican who doesn't take a stand against a traitor like John McCain.

  2. Nicely written except for one fact. Right-wing if you mean Republicans, did not conduct "lynchings" that is the Democrat left-wing, the party of the KKK. Abe Lincoln was a Republican who was killed because he supported freeing the slaves and giving them all the rights of every free person in America. Killed by a DemocRAT.

  3. Thank you for your critique. Thank you for bringing the possibility of a misunderstanding to my attention. I have learned a lot about Honest Abe and used to vacation in Wilmington NC the City he had his Navy blasting during the movie. My intention is to welcome Liberals who are daunted by how radical the Liberal movement has become, by distancing ourselves from the far right activists of hate and anarchy.
    We walk a fine line, a hairs breadth away from teetering and facing the criticism's that have come to besmirch the Presidency. I am certainly not and would never accuse the Republican party of having anything to do with the reprehensible crimes that I was alluding to.
    Rather, I'm pointing out that this New Right Agenda is a more softened Republican ideal, one where, like the president, we have to sit down and actually listen to one another. The President is open to talks with, North Korea, Iran, Russia and has already become best buddies with China. The last President the USA had who saved the world from Annihilation like this was Ronald Reagan! And he had the advantage of being able to frighten President Gorbachev with a Ginger haired British woman. lol
    The President is doing it, he really, truly is! I think that if we open arms in welcome to the Left with the proviso that we are willing to explain every policy and why it matters and why it will help, we can do it too.
    Thank you for your comment! I will definitely take it under advisement and will endeavour to explain myself more thoroughly in future!!! Many thanks. MAGA X

  4. Thank you so much! Today I've shed tears over the amount of love that has come from people who have read this article. The reason I'm doing this is because I really want to see America become all she can become. I am tired of seeing how the media around the planet has harassed and harangued a man (who may well have said some ill advised things publicly… maybe) and I despise hate and loathe all forms of bullying and will always stand up for justice.
    Last week this man, who should be retired in Florida, was up until 3am dotting the I's and crossing the T's, and that doesn't even begin to start to describe the effort he is putting in for you. One day I will be able to return, so it'll be for me too. Thank you for your comments God bless you. #MAGA

  5. I have great respect for your ability to state truths whuch include your own accountability for inaction, although you did start to initiate it under Obama and were basically told that law didn't matter. Obama tore the very fabric of the laws on which this nation was founded.

    I am so sorry that you're going through a divorce. Divorce is awful. I know. I pray your life will improve.

    The Republican party is not one of participation in lynchings or comprised of skinheads. However, the New Right does welcome all with open arms and is a party for ALL people.

    Now we need to return to a spirit of unity. God bless you!

  6. Yours is an unexpected and amazingly clear-focused work. From what must be the most acute, in one's lifetime, burden to sustain' your story rises like a phoenix from the fire. A hard burden, made harder by naked honesty, your article, and you, shine. I am hopeful for you that your future bears a resolution, that with your attention and resilience, changes your life forever for the better.

  7. Much respect to you,sir. I am so sorry your wife filed for divorce and I wish you nothing but the best in a city that has all the odds stacked against you.Your commitment to personal responsibility is inspiring.

  8. Sir, fellow britanon here and I hear your words. I have been following POTUS since the beginning of November last year, and I am quite amazed at what his team are doing/have done. I have stated many times during my 50odd years that there are two countries that I had no intention of visiting, USA and Israel. After watching, listening and more to the point believing POTUS, that is now down to just Israel.

    The Great American President has indeed saved humanity and in my eyes is not only Making America Great Again, he is actually Making EARTH Great Again.

    I love you honesty and your wordmanship (nohomo).

  9. COL Mike FitzGerald May 14, 2018 at 8:53 am

    An absolute must read from a man with every reason to hate Trump, but instead sees a President who keeps promises. Thank You Tony.

  10. Thank you and I couldn't agree more!!

  11. That was lovely, God bless you!!!

  12. Thank you and God bless you! We need to stand together to do something to rescue the blight on blighty!!!

  13. Thank you so much Sir!!!

  14. I'm just a Christian ma'am. I read the scriptures and get inspired to look for the good in people. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the inner good. the person has been so broken by the darkness in this world. With President Trump, it doesn't take too long at all. How we suffer speaks more of a Christians experience than how we deal with our win's. I thank you for your kind words. May god bless you!!!

  15. how can someone married to a US citizen be deported? this has got to be a FAKE STORY. there is no way you can get kicked out if you went to the trouble of getting married, unless you are so grossly inept and lazy as to not finish the process of getting citizenship. i mean, did this "Tony" get married and simply forgot to apply for citizenship? did his "wife" not find that odd? and if this story is true, then the "author" deserved to get booted and divorced for being such an idiot.

    if this isn't a FAKE OPINION STORY, then i thank Trump for kicking such a moron out! oh, and no one was taken from you pal, you threw it all away.

    PS even trump slammed the BLS unemployment data, called this "market" "a big fat ugly bubble" has said it's all fake, but that was when he was running for potus and now he celebrates the DOW on twitter and owns this "big fat ugly bubble."

    and this chav is proud of filing taxes in America but didn't bother to get citizenship while doing it and being married to citizen? in-fucking-credible. if you knew anything about the constitution, then you'd know all taxation is unconstitutional and a function of 16A which was passed through in 1913, a most terrible year in American history — but that's okay, since you're a brit and most American's don't know their own history; hence, are so proud to give away under threat the fruits of their labors.

  16. Abe Lincoln actually didn't support freeing the slaves, he used that as political leverage.

    learn some accurate history:

  17. while this fat tony allegedly was in ICE clink dieting down, his "wife" could have retained even the most inept immigration lawyer to petition and start the immigration process. i have first-hand experience getting an incarcerated person out of ICE prison using an immigration lawyer, and while it's wasn't easy, it was certainly doable and this man wasn't even married to US citizen.

    this story has got to be fake af. and if it's not, than God this guy is now in London with his radical Mayor of acid attack city.

  18. "he has quite literally saved the life of every man, woman, and child on this planet"

    You have to have some SERIOUS mental problems unless it is a prank.

  19. an utter prank AND FAKE STORY.

    & i'm a Trump voter.

  20. immaculate jones May 15, 2018 at 2:03 pm

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  21. Hello Tony – thank you for your story. so many people here in America do not like him or what he stands for. but those people IMO are jealous or they just don't understand what our president represents and how much work he has done in such a short time. your letter is very important to us and to our country.
    thank you again for a beautiful story

  22. Sir I can assure you that there is nothing fake about my story, I can attest to is because I am the man who spent 3 months in Immigration. This is my story! and if you want to get in touch please DM me on Twitter @grippingchrist and I will gladly answer any questions you may have. I'm a Christian and I try not to lie. If I've somehow made a mistake I try to put it right. Thank you for reading though. And I understand you cynicism it does sound unbelievable, even to me as I relate it. I guess this is just another occasion where the truth is stranger than fiction.

  23. Unlike many people I do believe in the powerful effects of witchcraft, however, as a man with a Christian world view I also have an understanding of the process behind casting binding spell's, which it sounds like this is.
    The Bible is clear that we should never involve ourselves in this kind of mysticism and though I am desperate to have my wife and my life in the states back, I am not desperate enough to resort to such measures. In doing so, you have invited a demon, a spirit of a fallen angel, to control your husband. I cannot from a Christian place either condone or partake in such an act. I have experience of Wicca and achieved much in it's practice but I have repented of such workings and fear returning to that part of my life.
    I will however thank you for reading the article and wish you a long and happy life. May Jesus Bless you and your marriage.

  24. Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm beginning to think that The President is actually a magician. I think that the way he has handled the press has been very telling. He has boggled the mind with his Twitter feed, Kept everyone guessing with his often rude sounding one liners… this has cleared his way to get on with the real business of doing a fantastic job from the Oval Office while the doors are closed! lol. Just a thought but I thought you might like it. Thank you for reading and for commenting. Your encouragement has been felt! God bless you and God bless the USA!

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