Inspiring Action: COL1972 Taps Abby Johnson as Global Ambassador

COL1972 names Abby Johnson of "Unplanned" as Global Fashion Brand Ambassador. Two inspirational powerhouses merge to collaborate on a mission to celebrate life.

Makeup America: Beauty, Independence and Freedom

Makeup America is a patriotic cosmetic company with a compelling social mission. With Makeup America, you look good and do great.

Rihanna and LVMH Announce New Fenty Label

LVMH, the world’s largest luxury group, has announced their fresh, new offering: Rihanna's Fenty. Fans won’t have to wait long as the launch approaches soon.

America, Youth Suicide is a Growing Problem

Suicides among our youth has increased alarmingly within the last decade. TV shows, death pacts and now pods are pushing this trend. What can be done?

Pro-Life Men Activists: Steve Scalise, Donald Trump, Mike Lindell, and More

With Steve Scalise leading the charge today in Congress, both men and women care about the rights and protection of the unborn child.

Review: “Unplanned” Stirs My Personal Story

Spoiler Alert: "Unplanned" is a movie about one woman's journey from abortion activist to pro-life. Watching the premiere stirred a need to share my own ...

Women’s History Month: The Future Is Bright, The Future Is Right!

The battle rages to define the "modern woman." The Left and the Right have vastly different ideas of what that looks like. The future is Right!

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