George Soros
‘Defund the Police’ Organization Funded by George Soros for $1 Million

As crime skyrockets across urban centers in the United States, billionaire activist George Soros is funneling his wealth into the “defund the police” movement, ...

George Soros Backed Los Angeles District Attorney Launches Effort To Save Himself From Donald ‘Trump Backed Mega-Donors’ To Recall Him

Los Angeles DA George Gascón Launches Effort to Shut Down ‘Right-wing Recall Attempt’ Led by ‘Trump Mega-Donors’

Los Angeles DA Gascon Chooses Criminals Over Victims

Gascon adds to the list of woke progressive district attorneys coming into power in democrat stronghold areas. This election cycle the progressive mega funder ...

Is the Great Reset the New Normal?

The Great Reset is intended to overthrow a Constitutional Republic, the greatest force to uphold laws protecting personal liberty, rights and freedoms.

George Soros Donated Millions to Help Turn Virginia Blue

George Soros and other wealthy Democrats have collectively donated more than $13 million to candidates to turn Virginia into a blue state, and have succeeded.

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