First Amendment
Rights Divided: The Second Amendment Gets Second-Class Treatment

The right to keep and bear arms in the Second Amendment supports the other constitutional rights that protects us against potential tyranny.

Church Lockdown Workaround: Christians Have Church inside Walmart

The unreasonable and non-scientifically based prohibitions will do little to squelch the faith and fervor of the believers.

Et Tu, First Amendment?

With tech’s invasion into our lives and censorship of our speech, one must question whether our First Amendment still holds its rightful legal status.

Control the Media, Control the Narrative

Americans are allowing their First Amendment rights to slip away as mainstream media is increasingly controlled by a single narrative.

Beliefs: Proposing New Protected Class for the Civil Rights Act

The Civil Rights Act doesn't offer protection for certain classes of citizens whose civil liberties are trode upon, subject to workplace discrimination.

Big Tech Becomes Big Tyrants

Big tech has become big tyrants to Conservatives in many ways. It seems they, not the courts, have become the judge of our First Amendment rights.

The Cancel Culture, Employers and the Squelching of Rights, Part 1

The chilling effects of "Cancel Culture" are being seen across America. At what point will the protections allowed under the First Amendment actually protect ...

The Ridiculous Power of the Press: Tyranny of the Fourth Estate

The power of the press has gotten out of control. When the media and the people can overrule law and label someone guilty on accusation alone, there is a major ...

“Separation” of Church and State

Do people really understand "Separation of Church and State? Where did it come from, and what does it really mean? The answers may surprise you.

Connecticut’s Conundrum: Blaming the Gun Rather Than the Criminal?

An intelligent, factual discussion must be had to find a solution to killers committing murder with their weapon of choice being a gun.

Infowars Content Removed As Tech Giants Muzzle Alex Jones

Alex Jones Is Being Censored Alex Jones and his flagship Infowars have been removed from Apple, YouTube, and Facebook. ...

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