The Cancel Culture, Employers and the Squelching of Rights, Part 1

Has New York City Forgotten?

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The Cancel Culture syndrome is now the methodology of choice to squelch free speech. A cameraman was recently fired from WPIX after being falsely accused of racism by a Muslim anchor at the station. What was the cameraman’s crime? Among other accusations, he was targeted for sharing Ilhan Omar’s “Some people did something” quote and the call to “Never forget.” He did so on a social media platform while not at work. Considering that WPIX is an NYC news station, I’m afraid to say it appears at least some within NYC have forgotten the unforgettable history! 

Big Brother at Home

Constitutionally protected rights such as the freedom of speech and religion of employees are being increasingly encroached upon outside the workplace. Employees are forced to conceal their beliefs to prevent an employer discovering their thoughts on a subject that might not toe the globalist agenda line. As seen with the cameraman, this is the case even if expressed while off duty. If it can’t be expressed, globalists assume, they can make it disappear from life. Look at Iran! The oppression of its people has not stopped their cries for freedom!

We, as a society, have gotten to a point in which freedom of expression by conservatives elicits boycotts of businesses fomented by groups pushing the socialist/globalist agenda. Funding for these groups come from the likes of those who would undo the foundation of the US Constitution and laws. Those who don’t march in lockstep with the New World Order music can lose their media jobs. Private citizens can lose their jobs for merely expressing a point of view in their personal circles.

No one has a right to violate the law. The issue becomes a problem when leftist lawmakers and employers infringe on the Constitutional rights to free speech or other legal life choices when off duty. At this point, the reach of control has exceeded its limits and must be reined in.

China’s Social Score…Are We Next?

Those in power cannot completely control the masses until they can rein in our very intimate and personal lifestyles. China is now monitoring each of its inhabitants’ facial expressions. Their government gives each person a social score reflective of their associations with others. According to Peter Dockrill in his article in Science Alert, China’s almost fully implemented social monitoring system will “allow the trustworthy to roam freely under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.”

We’re not so far from that in the US as some might think! In San Antonio, business owners who supported President Donald Trump were doxxed by their own local politician Joaquin Castro, the socialist globalist brother of the no-longer-running-for-president Julian Castro. Conservatives, such as a senior citizen in a MAGA hat, can no longer eat in restaurants without being harassed should staff or liberal customers perceive their choice in candidate or political leaning. Conservative media personalities are being threatened or have lost jobs while exercising their First Amendment Rights, after truthfully reporting the news.

Organizations such as Sleeping Giants are funded for the express purpose of causing advertisers to drop sponsorship of a program to avoid being linked to some supposedly offending media personality. The very lives and livelihoods of those who don’t fall into line with the New World Order are being threatened at every level. 

Executive Order to Save Free Speech?

President Trump recently signed an Executive Order to create Title VI protections for Jewish students on campuses. Lest we fall into the thought pattern of “that can’t happen here” or “it’s too far off in the future,” it’s already happening to our fellow countrymen and women. Do we need more executive orders to protect our constitutional rights? I’m afraid it has come to that! 

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