Democrat Disasters
President Trump’s Alabama Rally: A New Era?

President Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States, spoke to a crowd of thousands in Alabama Saturday night. His presence was electrifying.

The Left’s Fascination With Junk Science

No matter how much evidence emerges showing that the earth naturally goes through cooling and warming phases, the left refuses to acknowledge even the ...

The Left’s Transformation From Anti-Establishment Free Speech Advocate to Government Control and Lockdowns

No one in the U.S. even attempts to claim anymore that the Democrats are the anti-establishment and free speech party.

Senate Plurality Payback: Inherent Violence and Systematic Discrimination in the New COVID BiIl

Is this something so evil, so antithetical to our Republic that people are even afraid to talk about it? everyone in the administration must be held ...

‘Extra-Continental’ Migrants Throughout the Americas Marching and Clashing Their Way Toward New Biden Border

"This is not merely an issue of Spanish-speaking Mexicans and Central Americans illegally entering the U.S., but clearly is a much greater global threat to our ...

The Color Revolution We Warned You About Is In Progress

We didn’t just go through an election – it was a pre-scripted scam to merely ascertain how many votes that the Democrat/Globalist/Communist alliance needed to ...

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