Senate Plurality Payback: Inherent Violence and Systematic Discrimination in the New COVID BiIl

The Senate Plurality Payoff

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In a hypothetical situation, if you had a highly unpopular mayor of a major city who was in a tight race and needed to win, who paid off thugs to kill off his opponent’s voters in an attempt to win the election, would you assume there would be outrage? Would you assume that a major financial burst to the thugs who did the killing and even appointments in the administration would be seen as a “smoking gun?” How long should it take the oversight body, whether at the state or national level, to look into these inconsistencies and do something about it? Or is this something so evil, so antithetical to our Republic that people are even afraid to talk about it? Well this is a conversation that we need to have, because it looks like it did happen, and we are not giving it enough thought.

With the passing of the latest COVID bill through the senate, a series of kickbacks to blue states who are in financial trouble is all but assured. With fleeting control of the senate, Senate plurality leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) only has so much control over which elements were left in the bill and which were taken out. This could be seen in the power moderate Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) wielded when he forced a reduction of the unemployment payout from $400 to $300, while ignoring the billions of dollars going overseas. This just demonstrates the new Congress’s “America Last” platform for the next two years.

However, one element that seemed sacrosanct to everyone except Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was the bailout for blue states who were in financial trouble before the crisis. These states already had massive budget shortfalls due to chronic mismanagement of state funds. It was almost seen as a given that these states would be paid out for in this new bill, even though their debts had little to do with COVID. Most of the mainstream media overlooked why New York, California, Pennsylvania, and Michigan were among the top ‘earners’ in the COVID debacle.

The Payback Question

Millions of Americans are out of work because of the actions of Michigan Governor Whitmer, New York Governor Cuomo, Pennsylvania Governor Wolf, and and California Governor Newsom and one has to ask why they received special payments and others did not. There are other blue states with massive budget deficits, but these four states seemed to have gotten the most money. Why? Is there something that these states have in common that other states do not have? I think we all know the answer to that.

In New York, Andrew Cuomo’s actions led to the deaths of thousands of New York elderly and mentally challenged people. In Michigan, Governor Whitmer racked up even more impressive numbers at by the end of summer over 1/3 of Michigan’s COVID deaths were nursing home related. In Pennsylvania, the nursing home crisis was so bad that Dr. Rachel Levin removed her mother from the nursing home to a hotel the night before COVID patients were transferred there. By the end of August, Governor Wolf of Pennsylvania had a record of 68% of COVID deaths in Pennsylvania were nursing home and long term care facility related. Compared to the other states, Gavin Newsom of California comes across looking like a saint with ONLY 24% of the COVID related deaths in the state being nursing home related.

Even during the early days of the pandemic, the dangers of exposing elderly patients to an “ultra-virulent” disease were known. This is why even members of each of these governor’s own parties are supporting recall and impeachment efforts against these governors. Yet, in Washington and the Mainstream media, these governors are being hailed as heroes even thought their state records are abysmal when compared to states such as Florida and South Dakota (who did not send COVID to eldercare and mental care facilities). With all the craziness in the media, people need to ask why?

Electoral Politics

When looking at electoral politics, there seems to be a big difference between Pennsylvania & Michigan and New York and California, but when you look at the popularity contest that is United States’ politics right now, you can see major similarities. It was not just the presidential race that the Democrats needed to win in 2020. Yes, electing Joe Biden was important, but keeping the house and winning the senate were goals that the democrats were willing to sell their souls for, well not their souls but the souls of tens of thousands of elderly patients across the country.

In the 2016 election, elderly Americans sent a message to congress that they were tired of Pelosi stealing from the Social Security fund, people talking about euthanasia, and decrying the “carbon footprint of the elderly. With a massive 10 point lead, Donald Trump received 55% of the elderly electorate (55+) while Hillary Clinton received only 43%. Much of the vote was recorded in states with high elderly populations, such as (wait for it), New York, Pennsylvania, California, and Michigan. Hillary losing the election was not a huge deal to mainstream Democrats. No one liked her anyway. However, the massive losses in the Senate and the House suffered by Democrats were major issues.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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When we look at the loss of thousands of lives in elder care and mental care facilities across the country, we do notice two things. Millions of Americans had loved ones stolen from them by corrupt governors who knew (follow the science) that this was going to kill people. Secondly, governors knew that, with a majority of elderly people voting republican, these deaths would help in tight races. If you look at the areas with the highest death rates for senior living homes, they are areas where democrats narrowly defeated republican challengers in 2020. This needs to be the focus of the federal investigation.

Plurality and Kickback

We need to stop calling Chuck Schumer the Senate Majority Leader, he has 48 members in his caucus. The two independents who caucus with the Democrats are a socialist and an actual independent. This means that Schumer is the plurality leader of the senate. His hold on even his own caucus is weak and this is a time that the people of the nation need to demand investigations into the nursing home deaths and the kickbacks to the blue states that did this. Why are we celebrating people whom we know made either the mistake of killing thousands of elderly Americans, or the calculated decision to murder opposition voters. These investigations need to be had, now especially after we find out where all of the COVID kickbacks are going.

The United States is a republic, and we can only maintain the status of a republic if we hold our leaders accountable. Democrats and Republicans in each of the states mentioned are calling for investigations, yet the national news media is more obsessed with handsy governor Cuomo. Could it be because they would rather their golden boy fall to the scorn of the women that he abused, rather than their dream team of failed governors all brought to accountability for the possible murder of thousands of Americans? The only way we can know is if there is a full investigation. If it is found that there were political motives to these actions, everyone in the administration must be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

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