Jair Bolsonaro’s New Supreme Court Judge

It is time for President Jair Bolsonaro to nominate someone for the vacancy that Minister Celso de Mello left on the Supreme Court.

Brazil’s Supreme Shame

As never before seen anywhere, the protectors of the constitution tear it up day after day, destroying what they should protect.

Book Review: The New Era and Cultural Revolution

Written in Portuguese, in "The New Era and Cultural Revolution," Olavo de Carvalho explores subjects you will not see on TV or the internet.

Brazilian Company’s Job  Vacancy Is Only for Blacks

A Brazilian company is hiring for a new position requiring an unusual qualification: applicants must be black.

Analysis of a Cultural Revolution

It is, unfortunately, a war on two fronts: the cultural and, of course, the spiritual, where the left is, perhaps even more so, working.

The Brazilian Supreme Court vs. the Brazilians

Change is needed as the Brazilian Supreme Court has gone beyond the limitations of its duties, taking on executive and legislative matters.

Bolsonaro Sworn In: Vows to End Marxist Education

Populist President Jair Bolsonaro is sworn in. He defends Brazilian children and families by vowing to eradicate Marxist education.

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