Was the 2020 Census another government fiasco?

Another government blunder: was the 2020 Census rigged?

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Once again, Americans must figure out why another government body might have made big mistakes that disproportionally help Democratic-majority states.

The Census Bureau just released a report evaluating their accuracy in the 2020 census.

In a late May article, the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board called attention to the undercounting, writing, Remember how Democrats accused the Trump administration of trying to rig the 2020 Census? Now a Census Bureau study reveals that Republican-leaning states may have been hurt by mistaken under-counts.”

Florida changes

The undercounting is significant as in the case of Florida, which saw a huge amount of migration of people to the state in the past decade. Most political pundits expected the Sunshine State to gain two congressional seats, but it only added one.

Rebecca Horvath
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