Tulsi Gabbard Hits Back At Romney, Olbermann With Legal Action

Tulsi Gabbard Files Lawsuit Against Romney and Keith Olbermann

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Tulsi Gabbard, the former Democrat congressman from Hawaii, has filed a lawsuit against Sen. Mitt Romney after he accused her of being a traitor.

On March 13, Romney tweeted, “Tulsi Gabbard is parroting false Russian propaganda. Her treasonous lies may well cost lives.”

Gabbard appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Wednesday to defend herself against she shocking accusation of treason.

‘Threaten and Intimidate’

“I still serve in the U.S. Army reserves today. I’m a lieutenant colonel, and 19 years ago when I enlisted in the military, I took an oath to support and defend our Constitution,” she said. “When powerful and influential people basically threaten and intimidate people into silence as Mitt Romney … [is] doing, they’re hoping to achieve that effect that if anybody dares speak out against the government … [or] criticize whatever the washed, permanent Washington establishment narrative is, then you will be smeared … as a treasonous traitor.”

Gabbard’s attorneys have sent a cease and desist letter to Romney and MSNBC host Keith Olbermann. Romney has until April 27 to respond.

Rebecca Horvath
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