Blamin’ Biden Refuses To Be Accountable For Skyrocketing Gas Prices

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Biden’s Words Come Back to Haunt Him

Joe Biden continues his pattern of blame-shifting, doubling down on blaming Vladimir Putin for the high gas prices across the country.

On Wednesday, Biden tweeted his blame for the Russian president – and Covid – for rising prices. The White House has framed it the “Putin Price Hike” and insists they’re doing everything possible to bring down costs.

Twitter is Forever

Twitter users quickly found a tweet from Biden exactly two years ago, in which he wrote, “The President needs to stop blaming others and do his job.”

“I’m doing everything I can to bring down prices and address the Putin Price Hike. That’s why I authorized the release of one million barrels a day as we work with U.S. oil producers to ramp up production — and coordinated this release with partners and allies around the world,” Biden claimed.

The hero complex isn’t working on Americans. Biden’s approval ratings have dipped to around 30 percent.

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Rebecca Horvath
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