Hunter’s Business Partner Visited Obama White House, Secured Appointment After Meeting With Joe Biden

Report: Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Visited Obama’s White House Several Times, Met With Then-Vice President Biden, and Secured Appointment

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According to a recent report, Hunter Biden’s old business partner made many trips to the White House throughout President Barack Obama’s terms and while then-Vice President Joe Biden was in office.

According to Obama White House visitor logs, Eric Schwerin – the head of Rosemont Seneca, an investment fund business – visited with Joe Biden in 2010.

“The logs also reveal that Schwerin met with various close aides of both Joe and Jill Biden at key moments in Hunter’s life when he was striking multi-million dollar deals in foreign countries, including China,” the report continued.

Archives Don’t Lie

According to White House archives, Obama appointed Eric D. Schwerin as a member of the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. The Obama administration noted that Eric D. Schwerin is “Founding Partner and Managing Director at Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC, positions he has held since 2008.”

Joe Biden has consistently denied knowledge of his son’s business dealings or associates.

Rebecca Horvath
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