Abysmal Approval Ratings Mean Dems ‘Not Sure’ Who To Nominate In 2024

Biden’s Approval Rating So Low Dems Are ‘Not Sure’ He Can Win 2024 Nomination

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According to newly released polling data, Democratic supporters are clearly anticipating bleak days ahead, politically speaking, as both Joe Biden and the even more unpopular Kamala Harris, have historically low job approval ratings.

The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard pointed out “that’s Biden’s base.” If Republicans and Independents are included, Biden’s approval drops to 19 percent in the national survey, and is handily beaten by “not sure” with 28 percent.

81 Percent

In other words, 81% of Americans don’t want Biden to run again.

“For a sitting president barely into his second year in office to be below 20% in the next election’s preference shows just how low Biden has dropped in the public eye. Last week’s I&I/TIPP Poll results showed that a similar level (21%) of Americans didn’t think Biden would even finish his first term, much less run for a second,” according to the survey analysis.

Rebecca Horvath
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