Durham’s Latest Bombshell: Fusion GPS Employees Frequently Emailed Reporters False Claims About Trump

Durham: Fusion GPS Employees Sent Hundreds of Emails to Reporters

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Staffers at the political research firm at the core of “Russiagate” sent hundreds of emails to journalists with unfounded charges and assertions about then-GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to Special Counsel John Durham’s court papers.

Durham said in a late Monday court filing that the flood of emails refutes the Clinton campaign’s assertions that Fusion GPS’s research on her behalf should be kept secret under attorney-client privilege.

Many False Stories

Among the unproven stories pushed by employees:

  •  A Wall Street Journal article about a Trump adviser meeting with a former KGB official close to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • A Washington Post story about a Trump campaign advisor investing in Russia.
  • New York Times and Reuters articles about the FBI investigating a secret communications setup between Trump and Russia’s Alfa Bank.

The so-called Steele Dossier was also pitched by these employees.

Rebecca Horvath
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