Biden’s Harsh Words About Harris During Negotiations Left GOP Senators In Shock

GOP Senators Were ‘Taken Aback’ by Biden’s Harsh Dismissal of Kamala Harris During Negotiations

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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris appear to be at odds in the White House, with no signs of it slowing down.

In their new book, “This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future,” New York Times writers Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns highlight a number of heated moments and confrontations between Harris and Biden.

Shocking Reaction

The book claims that during last May’s deliberations over a $1 trillion infrastructure deal, Biden surprised Republican senators when he effectively shut down Harris in front of the whole room.

Harris made suggestions that were shut down by Biden so quickly that the GOP leaders in attendance were shocked. One observer said Harris barely spoke in the meetings.

The pair’s historically low approval ratings are only adding to the tension in the West Wing.

Rebecca Horvath
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