Gov. DeSantis Sends A Strong Message To Biden On Illegals

“I Will Send Them To Delaware On Buses”

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis claims he’s aware that Joe Biden’s administration has been flying illegal aliens into Florida, and he has a creative way to stop it.

DeSantis attacked Biden, threatening that the illegal aliens will be loaded into buses and sent to Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Creative Solutions

“There’s no notification to the state of Florida. These are done mostly in the middle of the night. And it’s clandestine. And we really have no say in it. … I know when we initially got wind of this, it wasn’t through normal channels, it’s people in the federal government who are effectively leaking this to us so that we have a heads up on it,” DeSantis said.

Last month, DeSantis presented the Stop Wrongs Against Our Kids and Employees Act, which he billed as an effort to tackle the “overwhelming movement” of “corporate sanctioned racism” committed against children and employees.

Rebecca Horvath
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