Even Democrats Want To Replace Border Czar Harris

Texas Democratic Rep. Calls for Harris Replacement

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Rep. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat from Texas who represents a border region, has given up on Kamala Harris.

Cuellar wants Harris to step down as the “border czar.”

Border Numbers Skyrocketing

According to figures released Monday by Customs and Border Protection, the number of migrants intercepted at the US southern border in October increased by 128 percent over the same period previous year.

Rumors are circulating that Biden’s administration is considering removing Harris as vice president and nominating her to the United States Supreme Court.

According to CNN, White House officials are presenting a picture of absolute disarray and unhappiness between Biden and Harris.

Harris’ approval ratings are even lower than Biden’s and her handling of the border crisis has only worsened her image.

Rebecca Horvath
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