Furious Black Community Torches Biden’s Crack Pipe Plan

Biden Administration’s Crack Pipe Plan Enrages Black Community

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It’s difficult to understand why the Biden administration felt sending crack pipes to inner city communities across the country was a smart idea.

Aside from the mainstream media, many people spoke out against the plan.

Weighing In

“Instead of jobs, Joe Biden chose to give crack pipes to the black community. You can’t make this stuff up. Incredible,” pundit CJ Pearson said.

“President Trump wanted to give the Black Community 500 billion; the left called him racist. So now you have Biden who wants to give the black community Crack Pipes; wonder what the left will call him?” Diamond & Silk said on Newsmax.

“The racist, condescending view of non-Whites by the Biden Administration. Imagine thinking taxpayer-funded crack pipes is aiding ‘racial equity,’” Rep. Burgess Owens said.

Rebecca Horvath
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