SCOTUS Scoop? Psaki Drops A Hint About Breyer’s Replacement

News of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement leaked on Wednesday, meaning Joe Biden will have a chance to choose the liberal justice’s replacement.

During a White House press briefing shortly after the story broke, Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to say if Biden may choose Vice President Kamala Harris to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

Conspiracy Theory?

Conspiracy theories have circulated the internet, suggesting that a judicial appointment would get the unpopular Harris out of the West Wing and allow the administration to replace her.

During Wednesday’s press briefing, Peter Doocy of Fox News said, “When you were asked about the Vice President, possibly being selected as a Supreme Court nominee, you say you’re not going to speak to any considerations. Does that means she is being considered?”

Psaki, predictably, dodged the question, but she did clarify that Biden will pick a “Black woman” for the nomination. Given Biden’s track record of choices based on demographics over qualifications, that comes as no surprise.

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Surprises and Distractions

News of the 83-year-old Breyer’s retirement is also not a surprise, but pundits suggest the timing is intentional: Breyer is exiting before November, when Democrats are widely expected to lose control of Congress.

The news is also a convenient distraction from Biden’s numerous failures and shortcomings.

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