Roe V. Wade Could Be Overturned: No Constitutional ‘Roots’

‘Roe V. Wade Has No Constitutional Roots,’

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The United States Supreme Court is likely to reverse Roe v. Wade, according to a constitutional law expert.

Teresa Collett, a legal professor at the University of St. Thomas, told The Catholic Spirit that abortion “has no origins in the Constitution.”

A ‘Judicial Invention’

“Roe is solely a judicial invention; it has no foundation in the Constitution’s text, American history, or legal traditions.” As a result, the Court has the authority to reject what it has produced,” she explained.

“Whether the Supreme Court overturns or sustains Roe v. Wade, a huge proportion of Americans will regard the decision as a political one.”

Justice Clarence Thomas is the most pro-life member of the high court and could lead the charge toward changes to the 50-year-old legislation.

A decision on Roe could come from SCOTUS this summer.

Rebecca Horvath
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