Progressive Mouthpiece Joy Reid Cancelled By MSNBC

Joy Reid’s MSNBC Show Will Be Canceled This Spring

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Following a reshuffle, MSNBC personality Joy Reid may no longer have a show on the network.

“Joy Reid will lose her 7pm program in the next wave of reshuffling at MSNBC,” a Comcast insider told News Cycle Media’s Jon Nicosia on Twitter.

Divisive Comments

Reid has frequently found herself in hot water after heavy criticisms of Donald Trump and his supporters, as well as her statements against Kyle Rittenhouse both before and after his acquittal. She’s even been accused of using racial epithets toward Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Pundits have speculated that Reid may face a lawsuit from Rittenhouse.

What she won’t face, however, is prime time audiences.

Rebecca Horvath
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