RINO Romney Tells Democrats How To Beat Trump In 2024

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Utah Senator Mitt Romney warned that Donald Trump can win back the White House in 2024 and told Democrats how to stop him.

In the event that Trump is re-elected, Romney believes Democrats should preserve the filibuster as a technical technique to block him from passing an agenda.

Playing for the Other Team

“Have Democrats thought through what it would mean for them for Trump to be entirely unrestrained, with the Democratic minority having no power whatsoever? If Democrats eliminate the filibuster now, they — and the country — may soon regret it very much,” Romney said.

Romney, everyone’s least favorite RINO, continues to find new ways to bash Trump.

Recently, he even blamed Trump for the current hostage crisis in Afghanistan, saying, “We didn’t have to be in this rush, rush circumstance with terrorists breathing down our neck. It’s the responsibility of the prior administration and this administration that’s caused this crisis to be upon us and has led to what is, without question, a humanitarian and foreign policy tragedy.”

Romney is not particularly popular among his constituents and is up for re-election in 2024.

Rebecca Horvath
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