Psaki Torched By Reporter After Dodging Questions

“That’s Not The Question I Asked”

When White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki failed to answer a straightforward question about Joe Biden, she got into a heated dispute with a reporter.

Psaki was questioned by New York Post writer Steven Nelson about a December Vanity Fair article alleging that White House COVID-19 advisors were educated on pandemic response methods and urged to send free quick testing to families in the event of a new outbreak.

Nelson asked Psaki if Biden had been informed on the plan back in December, since the government is starting to deliver free tests to Americans this month.

Avoidance Tactics

Psaki mainly avoided the topic, instead listing Biden’s accomplishments.

When pushed, Psaki said, “I think I just answered your question, which you may not have been listening. Maybe you were waiting to read your next question, which is fine. But I just answered your question.”

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“That’s not the question I asked,” Nelson hit back, before trying one last time to get an answer.

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