Pelosi Will Run For Re-Election, But Is There A Catch?

Pelosi Will Run in November

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi revealed on Tuesday that she will run for re-election in California’s 12th Congressional District later this year.

Video Message

In a video message, the 81-year-old said, “Hello, it’s Nancy. Thank you for the opportunity to share some thoughts with you, our VIPs, our Volunteers in Politics, in our ongoing engagement for the people. Thank you for being a constant source of new, fresh ideas and political activism to help Democrats deliver and defend democracy. Thank you for giving me the privilege to represent our city and our San Francisco values in the Congress.”

Almost 30 Democrats have announced they will not run for re-election in November.

If Republicans retake a majority in the House, Pelosi will lose her Speakership.

Pundits were quick to point out that Pelosi did not refer to serving her term, only being elected, leading to intense speculation.

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