Democrats Take A Seat Against Youngkin In Virginia

Democrats in Virginia Refuse to Applaud Governor Youngkin

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When newly sworn-in Virginia GOP Gov. Glenn Youngkin spoke about safeguarding parental rights in his maiden speech, Democratic delegates in the Virginia General Assembly refused to applaud.

“My message to parents is this – you have a fundamental right, enshrined by law by this general assembly, to make decisions with regards to your child’s education, upbringing, and care, and we will protect and reassert that right,” Youngkin said.

Two Different Responses

While Republicans rose from their seats to applaud the new leader’s words, Democrats sat stone-faced, much like members of Congress did to President Trump during his State of the Union addresses.

On his first official day in office over the weekend, Youngkin wasted no time; he immediately signed 11 executive orders and directives.

Youngkin has already proved himself to be a rising star in the Republican party.

Rebecca Horvath
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